[startup] Stinky Pirate Chick

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Being a pirate means never having to do your laundry.

Why Kit Boat?

  • The dream is to figure out a way to only run code-gate ice breakers, so that your deck works great in the early game, but you still don't get shut out in the late game.
  • Many contemporary kit decks (example, example) use Boomerang to help address the problem of, how do I run deep servers.
  • Some of the decks use Paule's Café to try to clicklessly install Boomerang and Egret mid run, to help with this.
  • Now, we don't have to rely on Gordian Blade and pump its strength every run -- we pump Hyperbaric's strength once and we're done.
  • Now, we don't have to screw around with Paule's Café, running 3 copies of it, installing it, installing cards onto it and then paying to install them. If we need to have something boomeranged in a pinch, we just run it over with our boat.

Kit usually doesn't have a problem running every turn to accumulate boat counters. And we do have Boomerang both for the early game and also to help conserve boat counters.

But between the twin threat of

  • a massive Hyperbaric, plus normal Kit support cards, and
  • the Boat,

most corps just aren't in a position to lock us out of any particular server.

We have three multi-access threats:

  • The Twinning. This is our only multiaccess for HQ, but it's a good one. To power it, we have Prepaid VoicePAD and Mantle. Mantle is really only there to give an extra way to charge The Twinning.
  • The Maker's Eye. In this iteration this is a one-of, but it could also reasonably be a two-of. Very traditional kit card. Very impactful when you use it with The Twinning to see 5 cards.
  • Deep Dive. Kit is not the greatest diver, you will likely have to burn some boat counters, but this gives you an extra win condition in a pinch.

In a long game we can recur these with Harmony AR Therapy

Other notable interactions:

  • Traditionally, most Shapers run Self-modifying Code and tutor their programs out faster, be they ice breakers or Rezeki.
  • Here, we don't do that -- you can use Into the Depths to pull forward your Rezeki.
  • Alternatively, Into the Depths can be like a Dirty Laundry if you just need credits. Kit generally doesn't have a problem finding a one-deep server to crack open.
  • But if you crack open a two-deep server, then it's a dirty laundry and an SMC at the same time! And, you get the dirty laundry credits right before you have to install the program, which is perfect.

Because we don't use Overclock with Self-modifying Code to pull forward programs, this frees up Overclock for a better use -- powering up Hyperbaric. This is usually the best way to get Hyperbaric up to strength.

And yes, we don't run Dirty Laundry -- we just take a bath instead.

One of the main fears for a deck like this is, program destruction, since you invest heavily in Hyperbaric. Usually, this is manageable because even if you get surprised by a nasty destroyer, you can burn two boat counters and be fine. Before you have the boat you have to be a bit more conservative before muscling into a server. There's also fear of a tagstorm leading into Retribution.

  • If they trash the boat, they may be able to open a scoring window, but you can usually recover because you have two boats. It's still bad, like an 8 credit swing, but the boat starts with many counters and you can usually get back to a healthy count pretty fast.
  • If they trash Hyperbaric, that may represent more than 8 credits depending on how much you have invested in it. But, corps often don't like to do this because you can reinstall immediately with Simulchip if you have that down. If you've been pulling forward your Rezeki then the deck runs pretty rich so you should be able to power up Hyperbaric again and recover.
  • Additionally, a lot of Weyland corps are on Hostile Takeover, and once the corp has bad publicity you can run again and again and use those credits to power up Hyperbaric. A single Overclock run can easily lead to adding 3 or 4 counters to Hyperbaric if they have 2 bad publicity.

To help deal with things like Drago Ivanov, we run a No Free Lunch using our last pip of influence.

I chose to use Clot as my tech card, rather than Light the Fire!. I guess I'm more worried about fast advance decks than skunk void decks right now, and we have Simulchip anyways. If you are playing in a different meta then you might want to switch that up. It would be nice to run both but cutting a Boomerang or cutting The Twinning feels like it could undermine the main game plan.

28 Jul 2022 tantale

You can also use Mantle to power your Hyperbaric during the Corp turn for extra counters on the Twinning. And if you already have a fully charged Hyperbaric, you can install another one and charge it, so that you are prepared if the first one is trashed.

11 Aug 2022 Satoshi
11 Aug 2022 Satoshi

The thing is, it is hard to reliably draw the twinning quickly, and the deck isn't super good at triggering it. I think there are better decks out of Padma if you want to do boat & twinning. You also don't need mantle with that change.

I think docklands pass is sort of better than twinning, and being able to play scrubber helps a bunch of NBN and HB matchups a bit.

I also cut Daeg and DZMZ, I think they just aren't as good as more money.

12 Aug 2022 Satoshi

Oh: Also

-1 Harmony AR Therapy + 1 Stoneship Chart Room

I think Harmony AR Therapy doesn't have enough impact to justify its inclusion. The Stoneship card is very strange, but it actually plays a critical role in helping you to win vs. Punitive Counterstrike decks, because you can use it clicklessly in the paid ability window after the first punitive. In other matchups its just an extra power counter.