We Never Go Out of Style - Nothing else Meta’d - Standard

Swiftie 254

So the first rule of building my 'nothing else meta'd deck is no Deep Dive. Its the most common card that is played in Sable and I need to be different. The second imposed rule is that I have to include her console Virtuoso and to try and build around it. The third rule I hoped would come during deck building.

I asked Rotage for help, but this was a bad idea. 1) He wanted to build a deck that was focused around clicks. II) Rotage often does not give me helpful advice C) Rotage is bad at playing criminal decks (of the 87 decks he has publised there is 1 Liza deck and it was for a RAM event).

I read through the lore that NSG wrote. I found it hard to build around it with an idea in mind. But the fact she had a Recon Drone to collect the donations stood out so I thought that would be a good include (also the only Sable deck with it). I think there are going to be more PE at the event so thought about Caldera, but decided to go with another recon drone to fit the theme! There was also mention of her getting caught up in her song, which I feel is what is being told in the art for Reprise so needs to be a 3 off. The card works roughly 1 in every 10 games but also makes the games where it works 4 times more fun, which seems like good odds. Also Carpe Diem shews her busking so needed to be included as that's the center of the story. I thought about Concerto, but the art is someone playing an auditorium so didn't feel it with with the story.

So to try and make Virtuoso better... I tried building it with Imp and Friday Chip. But decided to shelve the idea as Imp is not well dressed (Bukhgalter has a tie on!). So pivoted to The Twinning and Coffee. This should help with multi access as I can get 3 cards from a marked RnD and 3 cards from HQ. Also with Pinhole Threading on archives mark I can still access cards from HQ. To double down on this DJ Fenris was included, but felt a bit too fancy being Smoke. After a few games I noticed that I was suing the twinning counter on HQ more than expected with this set up so made room for a Docklands Pass.

But what has not been mentioned is that Sable is the best dressed runner in Standard, go on take a pause and look, I'll wait... With Nero Severn rotated I challenge you to find a better dressed (I might accept David Aldershot but not the current art). Hernando Cortez and Lewi Guilherme both look smart, but take the deck in a direction I don't want.

This is the third and last rule of the deck building. So where possible I needed to include cards with the art where people are also well dressed this means Career Fair with the OG art (I hear Ties are smart - https://youtu.be/O-534DDWG8E?list=PLBsfTOjKcQe9Kw8hLmO8mmNIpraOUF-c7&t=44).

That also means that I'm not playing any seedy locations as she is very well dressed and where possible I want to try and include some Ritzy 1 and Ritzy 2 locations. I'm also trying not to include cards that just have Sable on the art, that's too simple.

Then there are econ cards and draw cards, as I also want the deck to function.

15 May 2023 rotage

@Swiftie I actually most protest at this sentence Rotage often does not give me helpful advice. This not only damages my reputation but it is a personal attack against me and everything I stand for

Throughout the history my time in Netrunner I have spent my time carefully developing a brand and image that reflects not only myself but my belief system

Your statement does severe damage to this by inferring that I do give helpful advise from time to time, this is a lie. I never give you good advice ever

16 May 2023 Swiftie

Well it just goes to show that all the good ideas that come out of Aldershot have been Mine. I think this will be a fun deck and Sparks Fly when I play it. As I think Back to December when the last time I had fun playing criminal.

If your not a fan of the actual deck, can you Speak Now and address the letter to Dear John, unless your just going to be Mean.

Your comment above really does show The Story of Us and the fact that we are both writing a stupid comment shows we will Never Grow UP.

I’ve not played much Sable, but after seeing the IDs by Jakuza I was Enchanted. Last time we played you swept me and I’m looking forward to the reverse sweep as nothing is Better than Revenge.

I think that as the Innocent one of the now growing Aldershot meta, you will be Haunted by me winning the event with a deck and write up like this.

This will not be my Last Kiss with Sable and I’m looking forward to trying her with Swift. Long Live fun criminal IDs.

FYI Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is out 7th July. I'm looking forward to it and have a few songs on my mind...