Andy's last run, 1st place Polish Champs

Jander 348

1st game - superbye

2nd game - Matuszczak, HB Moons. I controlled the board, finding Vitruvius. Key play was, having 3 clicks, run AAL so he gets more money, Femme HQ and Siphon for full value in case of FC 3.0. Mati scored GFI from hand using MCA Austerity, rest most of his money and he didn't recover.

3rd game - Mark, HB Moons. Can't really remember what was happening there, but the game was on stream. Probably siphons as usual.

4rd game - Hudson, ID. We played for fun and I lost to IG. I didn't have a good plan for this game.

5th game - Chiristian, ID. We played for fun and I siphoned his HB Moons and controlled the board easily.

6th game - citizenofmelee, ID. We didn't play, but scored some beers.

3 IDs gave me second place in swiss and it's sad.

Top cut

2nd game - RomanoSoprano. We played on stream. He was flooded with 5 agendas and no Jackson. I've found 3 Niseis in RnD and I ran there more times for no good reason. It was good to have Aumauka for Excalibur, but we forgot to fire Chiyashi's ability (I think it gladly didn't matter). I couldn't get to HQ protected with Caprice, as I was losing every psi game. I really should've just tried to get to HQ. Sad game, but this matchup would be hard for me if not for the flood.

Grand finals game - Matuszczak. I got a 9 good cards hand. I was afraid to run his Estelle behind ice, so he got a lot of money from it. I controlled the board as much as I could, getting Aumakua and planning for Siphons (do not throw away any one of them in this matchup). With 5 counters on the Turtle God I medium'd for 4 points and Siphon (another Medium run would've been game, but Siphon felt like a better play then). He purged and he needed to get his Biotic back. I knew he's got 3-4 agendas in hq, so I just pump Aumakua, find one agenda in archives, and having 2 more clicks left I ran hq, finding Vitruvius for the game and for the Champion title. The game was on stream.

TL;DR - deck is 100% good against Moons HB. Andy will give you good hands and you should reward here with good plays. Full value Siphon is very important. Don't shake the tags unless you have Aaron. Control their Turtlebacks, Jeeves and DBS, Install PolOp if you can. Count their money. Don't let Clones fire. Keep Film Critic in case of Lakshmi. Medium when you can, but we wary of agenda density.. Every click counts, so don't draw cards unless you absolutely have to. Be wary of which phase you are in - early, when you build your board and control theirs, mid when you siphon and control the board much more and late when you try to find last points, not letting them finish the game.

tip: don't throw away your Paperclip. Most corps will Blacklist/Lockdown it.

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