[Startup] Týr Void Ganked! 2de @Brussels Circuit Opener

AlPi 102

I mixed the standard PD Anoetic void deck togheter with my Týr Ganked idea. In my opinion the agenda Architect Deployement Test is very underrated. The dream scenario in this deck is scoring this agenda early and putting a fully rezzed Týr down. Corporate Troubleshooter is my solution to Light the Fire: when the runner install a LtF you immediately use CT to pump up a strong rezzed ice and score an agenda before they run with it (you can't use it during a run with LtF). I think I explained all the special tech in this deck. Leave a comment if you have questions!

27 Jun 2022 Cluster Fox

It's all fun and games until you can't find ice :P No mate, well done, fun games!