Blue Control (2nd NSW Regionals, 2nd ANZAC Tournament)

Vicarin 132

This is the current version of the Andy deck that I've been playing for ages now. Ended up going 5-4 with it in ANZAC and 3-1 at NSW Regionals. Most losses are to various Moonies decks, where the matchup is highly dependent on both side's opening turns, but you can keep up trashing stuff with a good opening.

Basic idea is to set up your Rig of Doom while keeping the Corp's board state under control and then bury them under siphons while finishing off the game with DLR. Most decks find it really hard to score through The Source while being siphoned every turn or two, so if you can get the game to the point at which you can just trash anything they install and keep milling, you'll probably win.

95+% of the time you want to rebirth into Iain, because it turns out that 8 credits per turn of drip economy is really good. Getting out a ton of card draw early is very important to find all of the one-ofs as soon as possible, but I wouldn't recommend installing the 3rd Drug Dealer. Otherwise, just focus on keeping the corp poor while building up your side of the board, and then you'll be able to grind out most decks in the late game.