[Startup] Nuclear Submarine - 1st Dublin Circuit Opener 5-0

Dzerards 358

Tweaked version of comoro's Nuclear Submarine List

Went undefeated on the day. I slipped in a second Paricia which was lucky cause I faced 3 NEHs! And a cheeky Hippocampic Mechanocytes kept me alive against a MAD kill deck and a Jinteki kill deck.

The Smartware Distributor was kind of a meme pick as that was the art on the playmat for 1st place but it wasn't terrible. Hush was fun, stopped a few pings for landing a tag and it was great getting through a triple advanced Pharos for 2 credits!

The thing that give me the most trouble was the cost of trashing multiple San-Sans and Nani Grids. It is probably a good idea to put the Teleworks back in and I would definitely swap the WAKE for a Cezve and drop 1 Hush & 1 Pinhole to add a legwork and a second Conduit.

The WAKE Implant did win me a game, but I felt it was competing with Dr Nuka for Parma's ID trigger more than I would like.

I honestly don't know what reliably beats Padma in Startup at the moment. You just have too many answers.