ArChived MisEry (1st at Philadelphia CO)

DeeR 379

This is the deck I took to the Philly CO. I've never seriously played ACME before, but Coldlava introduced me to Just_rob's list that day before the tournament ( It looked like it was able to beat Lat/Hoshiko sometimes, which was good enough to me. I made a few tweaks that I think make the deck more fun (read: toxic) to play against.

-1 Seamless Launch, -1 Boom, +2 Archived Memories: You rarely are going to need more than 1 seamless launch, so you can rely on two. Archives memories is basically a boom when the runner goes tagme, and doubles as Drago/Self-Growth/Daily Quest recursion depending on what you need.

-1 Daily Quest -1 Spin Doctor, -1 HHN, -1 Hedge Fund, +3 Predictive Planogram, +1 NGO Front: Archived memories gives you recursion, so 3 spins felt like overkill for a deck that want to go slow. Predictive Planogram and NGO Front are my favorite Econ in glacier decks like this, since they double as tag punishment/bluffing respectively (I do understand the appeal of 2x NGO Front, but here I have Drago's, so there's more bluffing room).

-1 F2P, +1 Magnet: I love magnet in NBN; it's a hard end the run code gate in a faction w/o hard ETRs, its numbers are good for engolo, and it messes with Ika, Botulus, and Chisel. Wish I could put a second.

Thanks to Seba for organizing, everyone who came out yesterday for a good time, and especially Coldlava for carpooling and chatting ACME with me! Looking forward to playing this exact deck at wor-- hey look a new ban list!


18 Sep 2022 Blackwing

Could you talk a bit about how you play the deck? You mention you want to go slow. Do you build a remote or protect centrals first? What ice do you tend to put where?

19 Sep 2022 DeeR

Sure! I mull for any ICE that isn't funhouse and something to either build Econ or force an early run (usually rashida/daily quest/drago + launch). Early game I try to set up either 1 or 2 remotes depending on whether I'll be banking on Daily Quest money, and I protect R&D against shaper/anarch, HQ against crim, both against Adam (ideal first central ICE is IP Block, F2P, Hydra in that order, ideal first remote ICE is Data Ward, Hydra, IP Block in that order). Ideally protect both important centrals + remote, but remote over centrals since you have archived memories and a low agenda density. Don't install Funhouse as the innermost ICE unless you're desperate -- wait for something better, since funhouse allows you to actually make big servers. If the runner has no tech, most of the game is just play for the boom combo -- shuffle agendas as much as possible, archived dragos, HHN when they get greedy. If the runner has citadel or stone ship, install but don't advance your dragos, use the next turn to trash the tech and give a tag (Anarch and Shaper are fortunately running very little recursion right now). If the runner has enough tech, you may need to score out -- all agendas are value and you have seamless/backroom, so it doesn't feel awful, but it's slow and you'll need to be bluffing all game so Lat/Hosh can't fully set up.