Sharkshmi Asa - 7th at Reading CO

bowlsley 560

Unchanged from the deck I took to last week’s GNK, I’ve been very happy with how this has played both in person and online, with my only concern being the occasional lack of money (ominous music plays) dampening an otherwise solid set of win conditions. I haven’t cut the sharks because despite being overpriced, they’re too damned cute.

Round 1: CobraBubble on Apoc MaxX

The only loss for this deck was a bit of a shellacking, as I tried to rush a Sandbox score with only 4 credits to hand (foreshadowing complete!) and got duly punished. CobraBubbles never even needed to land an Apoc, instead managing to dismantle everything I could put down, winning pretty comfortably.

Round 2: Swiftie on Tao

In almost a complete flip of the previous round I got a solid start whilst Swiftie struggled to find his breakers. I built up a big Lakshmi and used it to score out both a Sandbox and a GFI, before finishing with Biotic Vitruvius

Round 3: Tom B on Big MaxX

A pretty tight game, Tom went after my board and was able to trash a lot of my key pieces, but that gave me the chance to push agendas straight out when his money was low. Got to 5 points and then clicked for credits so I could win via Biotic again.

Round 4: Algebraic on Big MaxX

I had a great start, built a big Lakshmi, got some counters on MCAAP, but couldn’t find any agendas to score! Somehow the runner still ended up worse, as their bad luck in not finding Blorch meant they couldn’t do anything even when I finally did draw into agendas. Deciding to finish with a Biotic Sandbox for a bit of variety.

It’s a shame all the best bits of this deck are rotating in a couple of weeks, as it’s been an absolute blast to play these last few months. Hopefully we see some good replacements in Midnight Sun.