Tech Tree: A New Economy

AnOddRadish 49

Tech Tree but the econ has been reworked to include Aesop's, UAV, and Daily Casts depending on the matchup and what you need. Deck was quite fun, went 2/1, losing to Glacier Ag and winning against Epiphany FA and Holoman Recoco kill.

Maw, DJ, and Miss Bones help with asset matchups, but honestly the deck just makes enough money in those matchups to keep the board clear that you could probably lose one of those pieces and be fine. Flip Switch fights all the nasty ICE that's going around and is incidentally good against Holoman Recoco. On the same note, Light the Fire is also great against Holoman Recoco, but I mostly included it because I figured that the player who won the tournament was bringing PD (she did not, it was Ag which solves LtF through the ID ability) and I wanted a way to extend the game if necessary.

Cataloguer was an all-star and was made pushing for the win much easier. Better than conduit in this deck due to setup speed and reliability.

Privileged Access was never drawn and should probably just be another installable tech piece.

Wish I could have some HQ disruption (Burner is sick) but I'm not sure it works with the deck's gameplan well enough as you don't always draw enough (especially without Class Act) to consistently get any non-installable pieces of disruption.