[startup] Punitive Gamenet - Ashes to Ashes 11th Place

krysdreavus 237

Game plan

Install ice everywhere. Yes, even on archives: you don't want to have runners laundrying you and not make money off of them.

Make money: Slap those Daily Quests on the board like there's no tomorrow, if they don't run you have all the money you need, if they do you still have money because your ice makes you rich.

Draw your punitives: for the love of God draw your punitives as fast as possible: spam your sprints and spinnies to get new cards and shuffle agendas away. You're at your worst in the early game, when the runner can try to snatch agendas from centrals with almost no risk of being punitive'd.

Win by doing literally nothing: once you're set up click for credits, play sub messagings, install the occasional ice, every now and then push a Reversed Accounts to keep the runner on their toes. If the runner runs your big taxing ice repeatedly and gives you money by doing so, you're winning. If the runner sits back and tries to prep up for a big run (most likely with khusyuk or deep dive), start pushing reversed accounts or agendas in the remote. Your ice is not there to stop them from entering the remote, just to tax them enough to make them vulnerable to punitive if they steal it or create a lose-lose situation with Reversed Accounts where they lose about the same amount of money whether they check it or not.


This list works alright, could probably be worked on to have a better early game with a few more gear-checky ice or to have a better scoring plan if punitive fails, it could even play vladisibirsk city grid to charge while daily quest ticks to better threaten scoring.

Overall, this was the best placing out of three total GameNet in Ashes to Ashes swiss and won me the off-meta choice prize (best-placing player with both IDs not represented in top 4), so I believe it is pretty good.