Ah, my good friend LLDS Processor, you look.... different.

I appreciate that you stapled your brother, a second LLDS Processor to yourself, and I see you've got a link now? Wild, I thought NISEI had all but killed link as a mechanic.

While I miss the delicious, juicy highs of Triple LLDS Processor, the +2 str for one card is huge in getting set up quickly, and a 5 str Chameleon is a 5 str Chameleon.

Extra credit: Right now, you can have 3 Rejig AND 3 Scavenge in your deck. That's a LOT of opportunity to farm this strength boost - think of the synergy with Gauss, Lady, and cards that aren't Fracters too!


Chameleon is also worth mentionning here. Dropping Chameleon at strength 5 is not bad at all.

So the more I play Netrunner, the more I think Because I Can is this game's Doom Blade.

FOR MAXIMUM COMEDY, mix the letters around, hit 'em with a CBIBIC one-two punch, set the corp back a thousand turns.

So yeah, this is a real strong tech card - not necessarily because it's powerful, but because it's so wonderfully versatile.

I have to say, the CBI+BIC combo is absolutely hillarious, and I will 100% try that out when I build my next Kenma deck. —
I'm not sure that BIC works against Giordano Memorial Field or Hokusai Grid. As an access replacement effect, you execute the effect at the access phase (6.9.5.g), not on the successful run trigger (6.9.5.e). An example of this timing issue (but with Bank Job) is in the Replacement Effect section (9.8.4) of NISEI's Comprehensive Rules. —

You are right, I am wrong, and I will edit my review to reflect that :(

Diesel gives you flames.

Blueberry Diesel only gives you TM.

It's fine draw in-faction for crim, I guess, but the design couldn't possibly be less original. Obviously.

FFG gave each faction a "draw three cards" card:

  • Shaper has Diesel. When they need more ideas, they chug energy drinks... because they are nerds.

  • Anarch has I've Had Worse. Anarch gets new ideas as a result of being abused by the Corps, and the card triggers for free when you are damaged. Very thematic, very strong.

  • Crim gets Fisk Investment Seminar, because for a criminal, what better way to get ideas than scamming the corp into giving you some? And yes, maybe the corp gets some new ideas too, but hey! You're a criminal, just steal them also!

Yeah, I don't want to be immediately negative about the card, but from my perspective, it's just a strictly worse Diesel. Diesel shows you 3 cards, and if you're not wreckless, you play it on click 1 or 2 so that you have enough clicks to respond to what you draw before trashing having to discard them to get down to hand size. Blueberry Diesel (BBD) let's you see two cards (okay, information) then select which one you don't want. Then you draw 2 cards. If you had just regular dieseled, you would have just drawn all 3 cards anyway, so who cares about the filtering. I feel like BBD should have let you draw 3 cards, add 2 of them to the bottom, then draw 2. —
But BBD is in faction for Criminals :), Diesel is not. I like it! —
That's fair--if you're already in Crim, it's an influence-free draw option. —

So you're building your janky Brahman D4v1d Wu deck, and things are going great.

Then you hit a Chiyashi, and your options are: a) Take four net and ETR b) Shred the top six cards of your stack

Not great. Hopefully, you have an SMC on the table, and $14 to pull Femme and pay the bypass. If you aren't ludicrously wealthy and well-prepared, though, there's Street Magic. At one influence, it will totally save you from the facecheck.

...You still can't get through, and it's not tutorable, but hey. Being practical is for other runners!