I tried to make this program work for last three months of playtesting and finaly I had to give up and go back to good old Gordian Blade. Here's why:

In a land of Fairchild 3.0, DNA Tracker and Mausolus, or even good old Tollbooth and Archangel, Study Guide sells you fantasy about having to pay only once to pump, and then come back next time for jest one or three credits.

This works only when you are playing against really slow corps. But nowadays, ETF will try to rush you behind Fairchild and Ravana 1.0, and versus NBN dumping 15-20 creds to break that first Tollbooth willl swing tempo so much in corps favour, that you will have as much power tokens on Study Guide as tags on your head.

You must be fast or go home. Gordian will still help you against stack of code gates, and will give you chance to snipe that Astro or Breaking News behind pesky early Booth. I play very "controlly" builds, with Magnum Opus. I'll have money late game, but I must survive till then. In many cases Study Guide was just too slow.

But you can go faster with Multithreader, in 3 turns you go free up to 6 strength = ) —
Unfortunately Multithreader eats up precious MU needed for Magnum, Clot or other programs. Influence is tight these days, so you could supplement it with Cloak, but it still needs setup. —
Also works with Lockpick. As long as you hit one code gate sup per 'pick a turn after you are loaded with power counters, is still doing work. —

I think time showed that if you want to play agreesive Account Siphon decks you want to combo them with ICE destruction and strong AI to break any resistance in the early game. So, Anarchs that is. Or Criminals if you still believe in derezzing things. Simply put, that one tag to clear is simply not enough to validate building deck around Jesminder.

I tried, I failed badly. If you really want to play those shaper Vamp decks, just play Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker for some discount or Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind for faster setup.


We live in heavy tag time, NBN: Controlling the Message worded especially to neuter poor Jess, SYNC: Everything, Everywhere tagging outside the runner's turn and BOOM! her out from the board, but there is one way to make her playable.


Find one influence in your Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker or even Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar deck, include New Angeles City Hall and Film Critic because 24/7 News Cycle is a thing, and in some matchups just rebirth into Jessminder Saren and laugh at all those Data Raven, Gutenberg or Datapike.

In certain matchups she is as good Rebirth target as Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman is in another. Have fun, but just don't try to make Account Siphon decks around her. There are so many ID out there doing it better.


Inti! Your time has finally come!

With popularity of various NBN decks, all using such formidable barriers as Wraparound or Resistor, influence nerf to Eli 1.0 and Cerberus "Lady" H1, Inti has its time to shine. Inti is cheap, fast and looks like a cute little owl.

I wouldn't risk using it as my sole barrier breaker, because paying 21 creds for Curtain Wall or 8 for Eli is still very silly thing to do, but it will save you Lady token on cheap barriers or can be a part of larger Chameleon deck. And if you want to import Faust, inti is here to help.

This little guy shows, that in right meta, there is a place for every card.


In my neverending quest for having fun with cards I never played before I stumbled upon miss Diego. Her cost-to-effectivness is awful, but who said you can't make a little combo around her?

What's the main problem with The Root? It needs another secure remote server, and also breaks even after two turns. Simone is of course not so flexible and usefull, since she can be used only to advancing cards in one server, but she is an upgrade, so if you are about making one stron remote, she can help you. But not on her own of course...

Breaker Bay Grid.

We usually treat this card as default economy option in HB decks, but it is neutral card after all and can be used by anyone! It works great with Simone and makes her efficient from turn one. And ta-dah, we have nice little remote server which can advance our Oaktown Renovation for free. Since it has BBG, Ash 2X3ZB9CY for defence will be also nice.

You can go even futher and try to leverage Underway Renovation which is almost never worth spending real money on, but with credits from Diego, it can be fun to mill four runner cards while waiting for better agendas to happen. Put some GRNDL Refinery and Expo Grid for ultimate wackiness.

It works, sometimes. Best used in Blue Sun: Powering the Future I think.


Jinteki: Replicating Perfection keeping you down? Remote server with rezzed Ash 2X3ZB9CY and Caprice Nisei looks like a nightmare? No more... see the light at the end of the tunnel. Comple the quest...

I've seent his used to great effect in a deck packing Quest Completed, Notoriety, and the central breaker suite (Passport, Breach, Alias). I haven't seen it used outside of that archetype, but I could see certain decks benefitting. It's a very sneaky way into a scoring server. —
You could also pick a Sneakdoor Beta while you're at it. Helps a lot. —