Turns out that this card is much, much better than we orginally thought. Perhaps that's because when it first came out, Medium and Keyhole were cards you could play? Next to those, this card is pretty garbage (or at least significantly less powerful).

As it is today, those cards have rotated we understand this is a card you don't use as a slow Legwork or The Maker's Eye. Instead you hammer whatever your cheap option is for incidental single access and then use the big load of counters to close the game.

The interesting thing about it is that it's a very portable wincon into almost any faction and it forces Corps to think about placement and spikey ice on HQ/R&D. Since ETRs build counters, they are a liability on either of those servers once this card comes down.

Oh, and Omar with Rebirth is a pretty significant power combo with this, ensuring you always have at least one line of attack to build and spend counters.

One of the few ways you can proactively deal with Aaron Marrón. At 2 Influence a pop, it isn't super difficult to slot, and as a bonus it can hit other important Runner targets: Beth Kilrain-Chang, Temüjin Contract, Earthrise Hotel, and Kati Jones to name a few.

While a little less reliable, Snatch and Grab costs 0 credits and no influence. Usually a turn where you can win the trace. Oh, right, you have to hope they don't have a counter on Marron. —

As is well known by now, 3/1s need a lot of power to be considered for a slot in a deck. Primarily because they require more effort than a 2/1 to score, they don't provide as many points as a 3/2, and they jack with your agenda density in funny ways.

In certain builds and factions, this card most certainly has the power. We're talking a no restrictions, no reveal search for any single card in your deck that you might need at the moment. All you have to do is score and then flip your R&D over to find whatever it is your heart desires: Upgrades, ICE, econ, or even more agendas.

With the changes reducing NBN to only four 3/2s in faction (AstroScript, we hardly knew ye! Wait... No. We knew ye waaaay too well!), and adding influence to Breaking News, this agenda is worth consideration for any 1 pointer slots.

If you're on the FA plan with SanSan City Grid, this isn't too much harder to score than Breaking News, and it can let you make some interesting deck decisions, such as rocking a single Caprice Nisei or a few singleton tech cards for various matchups. And, worst comes to worst, you bait a taxing run for 1 point or get something you need instead of a tech card.

My favorite ICE.

Obviously this piece of ICE is great in New Angeles Sol. An 2 Rez, 4 Strength Sentry with a punishing sub and ETR that will almost always be active? Yes, please!

However, it almost never sees play outside of that ID. In a meta that is becoming dominated by Employee Strike and Rumor Mill, that might be a mistake.

Corps, or NBN at the least, should start considering packing both a Current of their own and this. The Current to fight the aforementioned Runner ones, and this because it remains good even if they win the Current battle.

This is basically the best ICE in the game when there is a current on the table. I've never run it outside of NAS but you may be right, it may be time to start. —

Binder fodder no longer!

This card is pretty good tech to counter Hard-Hitting News, especially out of SYNC. You're looking at 4 to clear all tags and buy back the card as opposed to 8-12. As an added bonus, the tags gained from Controlling the Message are also cheaper, though only 1 instead of 2. All-in-all it isn't a bad meta call in some cases.

One thing we have to ask ourselves, though, is why this card over Paper Tripping? It seems at first glance that you'll spend the same 4 and get 3's to actually do something with your turn. And it isn't like it being Priority really matters all that much if you'd have spent all turn clearing tags anyway.

Well, the reasons you'd want to run this card over Paper Tripping are: 1) It costs only a single Influence instead of two, 2) It can counter multiple copies of Hard-Hitting News as long as you buy it back, and 3) You can use Same Old Thing to play this after taking a tag from another source and buy it back to your hand if necessary.