[STARTUP] Yellow Tape 2.0 (Worlds 2022 4:0)

ycarium 43

This is the StartUp version of the deck I brought to the Standard Worlds 2022 tournament. It performed exceptionally well and went undefeated on Sunday to a 4:0 finish (1 ID). Check out the Standard version here.

All credits for the deck go to @amavric. Check out his deck feature video on the exceptional M├ętropole Grid stream.

As in the standard deck version, I made several changes to streamline the road to victory. An inclusion I would have in retrospective considered for the Standard deck is the inclusion of Digital Rights Management. The card provides instant access to the winning Bellona, if you have NAPD Cordon in hand.

I changed to Cyberdex Sandbox over Offworld Office to combat our nemesis Imp and to generally punish virus heavy decks. The inclusion of Mavirus further testifies to my impish fear.

All in all, the Startup Tournament on Sunday was a fantastic event. Very relaxed compared to Saturday. The deck was a blast to play, with consistently fast matchups.

Thanks to the NSG team and the fabulous Netrunner community for making my first Netrunner tournament so thoroughly enjoyable (if exhausting)!