They killed Kenny! You bastards! 1st@Berlin

Inermis 745


I won with this deck the Berlin Double Play community tournament.
This deck went 2-0 in top3 cut and 4-2 in Swiss.
Lost against CI (very close game, he top decked PV to finish), Skorpios (not the best mach up) Win against ASA, NEH, CI, CI and in finals CI and CI.


This is next generation of Self-Damage Self-Harm "Binder Vegence" Val I played last year.

Thanks to
Odol for working on the orginal deck
SeIverin for bringing the engine to Quetzal
Apo for idea to drop Titanium Ribs and add 3x Diesel to make the deck fast more consistent then Clan Vengeance is in the last 10 cards in the deck.
JanM for testing against Brains Rewiring CI that ended with including Jarogniew Mercs

Tournament write up :

Round #1 vs Longi (Reversed CI) This was the first game of the day against colleague from Czech. I was overall pretty confident, mainly because Longi was constantly complaining that he did not played against my archetype and he do not know what to do. That actually made me to lose this game. I do not remember why, but I failed to contest the MCA and allowed to score elective upgrades. Longi on 5 with EU counters. So I killed his whole hand, but it only get me to 6 points. checked RD but nothing. Then 1 or 2 later he topdecked or drew Vitruvius for the win from hand. But it was a close game. After it i told to myself that I need to focus on disrupting the corp and accumulate CV counters against CI, and only go check archives when they are about to win.

Round #2 vs Krasty (Scorp Rigshooter) So scorp is kind a bad matchup (Injects are deadly) but is doable because they can not really use Atlas tokens. Krasty also played very well. He baited my DDoS on the first turn with new asset NGO - this actually might cost me the game. Because this lost DDoS might be an agenda in other circumstances. My opponent did not know that I run only 1 MK Ultra and 1 Paperclip. But he Batty my MK Ultra out of the game, and scored over advanced atlas. Then I think wanted to keep a tempo until I drew next MK Ultra, and got the Graft from Atlas token, forgetting that I can CV his hand. And I did. Wasted 2 CV with 2 counters to get rid of 4 cards. Then we were playing some more turns. I knew that remote is out the option, so i did checked the RD each turn, but he managed to drewa and 2nd click and install in 3rd an Atlas. I managed to steal Corporate Sales Team and an 0 pointer with mad dash and this got me to 6 points but next turn he scored an atlas behind 2x roto.

After 2 rounds I was 1-3 and stopped thinking about the top. So i could chill out and play for fun :)

Round #3 vs Miriam (Asa Group) Miri was my great host at Berlin, and she played a rush Asa deck. I do not remember much besides the deck crates an insane remote with 6 ice, but was lacking resources to rez all the ice. She was playing around my CV by installing all stuff she drew, but for that I have Fisk :) For last agenda i Stimhacked into the remote, but she was only able to rez few of that ICE she had.

Round #4 vs Jakuza (NEH) Jakuza is the artist who did all the cool graphics for our prices and I was looking to play with him. He was playing Calibration Testing - Team Sponsorship NEH deck. I was able to control important assets by either By Any Means or casual trashing, and the same time trashing with Officer Frank and accumulating CV tokens. At the point he scored 5 points, I cleared the table from any Franchise City, killed his hand, checked RD and mad dashed into archives for win.

Round #5 vs JackMade (Reversed CI Pop-Up) This game was not really interesting. He was struggling with flood, and played his first scarcity when I had most of my important resources on the table. I controlled Jeeves and MCA with DDoS and Stimhacks, and when killed 10 cards from hand, checked the archives for win. Game looked kind similar as game 1, but this time I was able to trash MCA and there were actually agendas in the cards I had trashed.

Round #6 vs HoneyBadger (Brain Melt CI) Games against CI usually looks the same. I money up and scout for free accesses or ice. This time he did not want to rez RD ice so I had stole Brain Rewiring and Show of Force. This told me that I need to dig for Jarogniew Mercs. After I installed Mercs, his game plan changed to score. He scored Eff committee, that cost him credits and biotics. I remember that at some point I needed to use CV to block combo and I was able to snipe Shippment. If i remember correctly i finished the game by combo BAM/DDoS into HQ 3 times, and then kill rest of agendas with CV.

Top We were 30 players, and Dome proposed swiss 6 and single elim top 3, so everyone can play more, and we just have 2 thrilling games in top. I think this is really a great idea :)

Top vs ff0X We chat with ff0X a bit, and did a gentleman's agreement to not scout/ask around about our decks. I ended up #2, so I could choose a side. My moons were 5-1 and Kenny 4-2. ff0X played CI and Smoke. I knew Moons are good, but I were really tired after 6 rounds, and thought that my misplays could be really punished against the Smoke that I expected to had a Film Critic and Clot. On the other hand I had Kenny with pretty straightforward plan, and I can really autopilot him at this point. Cherry on a pie, was that if I win - it would be great, if not - it’s just that CI is op :D

So I choose Kenny. ff0X reaction was ‘ARE YOU SERIOUS?’ I just smiled, and basically from this moment any tension from me was gone and i just played for fun :)

At the end game was really close. I did a misplay at the beginning allowing to fire Stinson. But this paid of is some sort - because I did know what the deck it was. Then I think the missplay on ff0X side, was to put and rez Ashigaru on the remote. This costs him a lot of credits and tempo, to block my DDoS attempt to kill MCA. Although he was able to recover, he needed to drop the tempo. This allowed me to get more counters before he was able to score EU. After he scored EU I had go all in, and played BAM to force rez on HQ and RD. He rezzed HQ and stayed on 3 credits. 2 RD trashesh gave me 1 agenda into archives. Then I killed 6 cards from hand so he can not score 3/2 from hand. And.. I hit it! Next turn he money up and HF, and I check archives for the win.

Top vs Klopstock His Ci was 6-0 this day, so he obviously choose CI. Scarcity in turn 1 or 2, changed this game completely. I was drawing a lot and going for scout accesses to get agenda. Scouting told me that this is Brainstorm CI, that I had never played against, but I knew there are punitives and neurals. When he rezzed HQ and RD ice and stabilized. I knew his main game plan is to kill and not to score, so I started to draw for Mercs like mad. I was afraid he will try to score GFI in remote or I will get only 5 pts in arvhices, and he will 2x punitive me. So just in case I held 1 IHW in hand, and was drawing and playing diesels and inject for Mercs only playing event economy or installing CVs. Finally I was able to install mercs, and had 2CV so I can start getting my CV tokens. At this point he had scored PV with 2 counters and global food. But unfortunately for him, he was so tired and not expecting my deck, so he completely forgot my quetzal ID. He ark lockdown paperclip and archived memories for wall of static. I trashed 10 cards from his hand when he threaten Biotic a PV from hand, and went to Archives protected by Brainstorm and Wall of Staic. Quetzal broke WoS for the win.

19 Feb 2018 ff0X

Awesome deck. I guessed what to expect and was still not fast enough. A well deserved win.

19 Feb 2018 Longi

It was a blast to see you pilot it in the top 3 cut. Congrats again!

19 Feb 2018 zmb

With all that damage, no Titanium Ribs and only 1 Levy AR Lab Access and 1 Same Old Thing seems a bit risky? Could you say something about how you play around that, and how much you get out if By Any Means mill with no multi access?

19 Feb 2018 Klopstock

@zmb I think one Levy is absolutely fine. Most Corp decks are extremely fast at the moment, so you don't have the time to go through your deck three times.

Also, congratulations again on the win, you played very well and it was a pleasure to meet and play you (even though I might not have seemed like that in our game, since I was so tired :) ). Really cool and innovative deck, with choices, that seemed strange to me at first (Diesel instead of Titanium Ribs for example) but that absolutely make sense. The only thing I am wondering: Why do you play 2 Fisk Investment Seminars and 3 Diesel? I played a couple of rounds with a similar deck and Fisk seemed extremely good to fill up the Corp hand and then discard it all with a Vengeance. Is it because you expected lots of CI and they've got enough cards in hand anyways? Or because you value the setup speed of Diesel and don't want to fuel the Corp while you are still setting up and can't disrupt them?

19 Feb 2018 Inermis

Thanks! It was a pleasure coming to Berlin and play with you all :)

@zmbI was testing the version with no Same Old Thing, Levy AR Lab Access and Diesel but with 2x Titanium Ribs and 2x The Maker's Eye. The issue with this version is that it is a blast when cards came up in right order, but when Clans are in 10 last cards of your deck, then you play as a retarded Anarch. Levy is not really a key card in this deck. If I would be able to tutor Clans then no Levy needed. Like Klopstock said, usually games are finished before Levy. When you expect you need to levy, then you just drop SOT on the table and then still combo even if you risk levy from hand. By Any Means.

The Maker's Eye is a nice combo with By Any Means, I encourage to test it :)

@Klopstock you are right, I was expecting a lot of CI (I played 5 CI out of 7 games) and you do not want to play fisk against CI unless you really have to draw something important. In other match ups I played Fisk when they have 0 to 2 credits, or when they have 0 cards to work around clans :)

Mainly all this changes that seems 'wicked' are based on play testing against Brain Rewiring CI. I dropped the Selverin's idea to setup as much CV tokens to disrupt the combo, because usually they are so fast and can combo when i had like 2-4 tokens and this is really not enough to kill the combo cards from HQ without significant luck. The option I choose was to add a lot of draw, and Jarogniew Mercs to actually block the combo (because Respirocytes die from Best Defense and Archived Memories -> BD, so only slows CI down. This way I could then spend time to setup 6-10 CV tokens when they try to score out.

19 Feb 2018 zmb

@Inermis i just gave it a test run and 3 games in a row 3 Clan Vengeance was in the last 20 cards. What's the odds? :D So you just use By Any Means for single accesses to load up CV?

19 Feb 2018 Inermis

@zmb yeah , usually you wan to use By Any Means to have minim 3 CV tokens in that turn :) So in the order of most common:
- with DDoS- to trash 3 HQ or RD cards for 3 clicks. I usually force only 1 central server rez, to slow down the corp, and the other I hit with DDoS/BAM combo.
- against asset spam - super way to clear Jeeves Model Bioroids and Team Sponsorship and load CVs
- with Stimhack into remote, to trash all cards in remote (assets/agendas/upgrades) - this actually can give a lot of CV tokens if remote it stuffed with upgrades. (of course you need breakers to get into ;) )
- on central sever with Upgrades (additional tokens per upgrade)
- against traps - to defuse Project Junebug, Snare! or other.

19 Feb 2018 Klopstock

I think BAM is a very fitting abbreviation for By Any Means

20 Feb 2018 errantmage

Have you thought about Hades Shard to close out games?

20 Feb 2018 errantmage

Why no Hades Shard to close out games?

20 Feb 2018 Saja_PL

gratuluję wyniku

20 Feb 2018 Saja_PL

Gratuluję wyniku.

20 Feb 2018 Inermis

I have added tournament relation :)

@qninjaI never had issues with closing games. Rather the issue is with to fast corps like Brain CI or Skorpios.

20 Feb 2018 Krasty

once more thx for games, it was pleasure to watch you piloting this gem!

Cause I think I must try this, I will have one question ... do you use Jarogniew Mercs only against BrainRewiring CI or you have some other plan with it? I think Clan Vengeance not have a counter if you prevent dmg, is it thrue?
20 Feb 2018 Inermis

@Krasty you do not put Clan Vengeance tokens when preventing damage. The Jarogniew Mercs are only against BR CI or Punitive Counterstrike

21 Feb 2018 MazeBerlin

Congrats again Adam! What do you think about the upcoming Anarch Hardware Zer0 in this Deck? :D

22 Feb 2018 Inermis

Zer0 will be boost! :) and with new MWL, you can ditch Diesel and Jarogniew Mercs and get back to Titanium Ribs and put econ back :)

26 Feb 2018 Jakuza

Nice writeup! Cool deck as well. Was amazing to sit across from this and see it for the first time :).

27 Feb 2018 Krasty

It was real pleassure to pilot it on Store Champ in Brno this saturday, where it kicked me to 2nd place of tournament ... it went 4-2 --- one lose was revenged in top cut against @Longi Reversed CI ---- second was after my fault, if I let Ashigaru close my way to scoring server and than I was to slow

But without ANY playnig experiences before, I think it`s really good result! Thanks for idea to play this piece of gem... :o)
27 Feb 2018 Inermis

@KrastyGood job! I hope you remember that you can reduce Ashigaru subs by firing Clan Vengeance ? :D

27 Feb 2018 Krasty

@Inermis: it was misplay at all, cause I think I had DDoS on hand that time... but the point is, that I didn`t expect Ashigaru in Brainstorm CI.. :o(

Of course I need to play this deck more and more... it is not easy... but a lot of fun to play with! :o)