[Startup] Motorcycle Ken's Final Ride

#endgame 126

Placed 3rd (tiebreaking on extended strength of schedule) at the 2022 Brisbane Circuit Opener, beating one Pravdivost and one AoT, and losing on time to Jinteki PE.

With Swift about to leave startup, I wanted to take Ken for one final ride. He's been incredibly fun to play, and having five clicks nearly every turn feels like cheating.

The Buffer Drive techs against many Jinteki sympathisers in the local scene, but it also provides a little extra recursion for key events or icebreakers (e.g., if SDS is about) and enabled the following clutch play, squeaking out the win against Prav:

  1. Run R&D.
  2. Jailbreak HQ. RFG Buffer Drive, adding Deep Dive to the top of the stack, and draw it.
  3. Run Archives.
  4. Deep Dive.

I'm really happy with the draw engine, but it did let me down against PE: I drew all of my icebreakers first, and the net damage threat made it too risky to start running early. Buffer Drive against PE is wonderful.

It's often good to play The Class Act over herself just to get another 4 cards. This deck can get pretty rich.

The second The Twinning is too much - you have such good multiaccess while playing events. Maybe -1 The Twinning, -1 Daily Casts, +1 The Maker's Eye, +1 Wildcat Strike?