NAPD Rush (2nd @ OttGat Startup Circuit Opener)

lopert 1618

4-0 in Summer '22 Startup Circuit Opener.

Never Advance Precision Design.
Standard PD Rush list with a few personal tweaks.

-Cyberdex Sandbox, +Project Vitruvius
Sandbox costs and extra click and credit to score, which imo evens out with Vit not giving your 4c back. Scoring multiple boxes to assemble a Melange Mining Corp. is dreamland. I'd rather have the ability to NA into triple advance, or even NA into Seamless Launch, Advance, Score, Install.

+Biotic Labor
In testing, I found this style of 4/2 NA deck really struggled when it didn't draw a Seamless Launch, so Biotic is my 4th (expensive) launch, which also allows me to threaten scoring from hand.

-1 Anoetic Void, +Snare! and Engram Flush
While void is very strong, I really wanted to fit engrams in to hopefully snipe a deep dive or other key event. And I'm always down for 1x trap cards.

No Eli 1.0 / Bran 1.0
Bran seems like an awful Eli, and Eli was cut for #slots.