RLC Titan - Kansas City Store Champ - 3/30/2019

bsngnr 14

Standard Titan build with some influence moved around to get 3 RLC in there. RLC is amazing in Titan. Draw 2, gain a click, now you can score out that Hostile or Atlas with the RecoCo you just drew. Clickless single cost double draw. Good.

Huge mistake here. I thought Plan B scored based on advancements being equal to points of the agenda. So, I imagined scoring an atlas from a double advanced Plan B. I was wrong. It is terrible.

Round 1 - 419 - Win - Scored 7 points fast.

Round 2 - Smoke - Win - On E-strike, Got lucky and found all my tools without Atlas counters. RLC worked wonders here.

Round 3 - Adam - Loss - Dumped a Hostile to Audacity an Atlas. He found the Hostile, as well as a GFI and Atlas on turn 3. I drew as hard as I could. but couldn't find the points before him