Classic Leela - Easy mode - 3rd Store Champs Jönköping

ragnfridr 6

This deck is exhausting to play, but awesomely fun as well. It's a blend of opportunistic criminal tricks with some forgiving crutches added on top.

The deck was inspired by Elusive's Shock Tactics Leela.

  • 6th place 11/26/16 Store Champs Karlshamn
  • 3rd place 12/04/16 Store Champs Jönköping

I added Scavenge because I'm still learning when it is ok to take risks, sometimes blow my breakers and because Batty. Also, it's pretty nice to reinstall Femme on top of that new tasty Tollbooth. I'm still experimenting with the deck composition in general though, so this crutch will most likely be replaced for tastier things in the future (like anti-CTM stuff because this is a really really difficult matchup). Also, I might try Blockade Runner because my grip tends to clog up with good stuff.

In general I think this is a pretty powerful but forgiving deck - only your skills will set its limits. CTM is super hard mode, but not impossible.