R+ Rush (5-0 @ Circuit Opener)

dormio 28

R+ Rush (5-0 @ Circuit Opener)

Based on Quacktapus's version. See their write-up!

This and my runner deck helped me win the opener, winning against 419, three Zahyas, and Smoke.

Changes from the original

So Gaslight is a little overpowered probably. Even just getting Hedge or Predictive Planogram exactly when you need it is fantastic.

I rarely found the Hansei (from the original) necessary, plus Booms are often difficult to hold on to, so I made one an End of the Line. I added Data Loops to help get hand sizes down, and just having the extra click tax (making the runner draw cards) is good. I also just like having some kind of face-check.

People were probably expecting R+ prison, so that certainly helped me go faster. (The collective groan in the room when I told the TO my corp ID did make me laugh inside. I wanted to shout, "No, guys, it's not prison, I swear!" But I refrained!)

No idea if the tag punishment, ice suite, or asset suite is optimal. Pretty fun deck regardless imo.

Thanks to @FoilFlaws for hosting and running the tournament, and thanks to all for coming out!

14 Jan 2023 x3r0h0ur