Ghost Cat (8th @ ECG Seattle CO)

Gathzen 372

Went 1-2 during the tournament but had some really close games. This was my Corp deck.

Pretty standard Begemot Laamb Esâ deck. I think it fairs pretty decently against the current Corp meta.

Cupellation feels really good in Esâ and every aspect of the card is beneficial to the deck. Only the MU is a bit tight if Marrow is not down.

The deck is definitely missing some econ but the slots are super tight and I'm not too sure yet how to fix that.

30 Apr 2024 HaverOfFun

Oooooh yeah Cupellation getting a role in Esâ is super groovy! Triple Hippo to eat up those rude AgInfusions with their multiple sentries is cool as too!

30 Apr 2024 Faraon23

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1 May 2024 maninthemoon

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4 May 2024 lostgeek

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