[Standard] WaterSports

Lewis.P 47

Ok. After 3 iterations, here's my attempt at a Thule deck that actually wants to score out. This builds on my idea for a Sportsmetal deck a while back, but in Thule, which has some spicy toys and enables fast play with Ontological Dependence if the Runner chooses to go for the core damage. So, how does it work?

First off, you wanna let the Runner steal some small agendas. False Lead is an ideal target, as is Élivágar Bifurcation. This not only sets them back a click and 2 creds each(or a core damage, making Ontologicals free points), it also empowers Giordano and Stock Buy-Back. If you can bait the Runner into hitting a Nightmare Archive along the way, absolutely do so, it's the most valuable tool in your deck. Don't be afraid to throw out big ICE to protect your severs too, we'll make that money back in NGOs and the aforementioned Buy-Back.

When you have a fair few credits in HQ, it's time for the bait. Throw something into your scoring remote, and something else (my personal choice is a Rashida) into a blank remote. The Runner almost certainly runs it, and trashes it. And that's when we hit them where it hurts. Smash their boat if you can, why not? And then you have a scoring window approximately the size of the sun as they figure out that running on 1 click is a bad time against a deck that charges you a click and 2 to steal, especially given there's a chance it's just an Ikawah anyway.

Your defensive upgrade is Giordano, but you do rely pretty heavily on your ice to tax, so against big Wu, you definitely wanna try and rush out, but the match-up against other runners seems pretty good.

So yeah, that's a standard deck I cooked up that I've been having a lot of fun with. Thanks to @crowphie for helping me refine this one down, a lot of stuff was left on the cutting room floor. Have fun!