Always Carry Many Eats (Undefeated at Warwick Uni CO)

l0velace 43

I enjoy rushing out agendas. I enjoy flatlining the runner. I will not choose between these two. Have not boom #1 and not boom #2.

My best tournament performance so far at 3rd/22 - this deck went 4-0 yesterday, and I'm very happy with it (despite realising I hadn't added some planned upgrades once I'd arrived at the venue).

Score an Offworld Office from hand with Shipment from Vladisibirsk, throw Bellona into archives without a Spin Doctor on the table, and flatline runners who Bankhar into Data Ward - nothing will ever go wrong!

You might ask yourself - "why is Hypoxia in here? There's no other core damage punishment!" - and I raise you this - some runners think they can get away with installing Zenit Chip against NBN, and rolling with a hand size of 4. They are wrong.

Having said that, the changes I was planning to make are +1 Seamless Launch +1 Retribution −1 NGO Front −1 Hypoxia, but this deck seems to handle itself well enough as is.

12 Mar 2023 Ams

1x Hypoxia is spicy. Did you hit any Zenit enjoyers with it?

12 Mar 2023 l0velace

@Ams I almost did - was searching for it, but other opportunities were better.