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Conphas 583

Thanks Mom!

Ever since CodeMarvelous turned me on to Adam he has been my favorite runner. But when CTM hit the meta I had to put him away. Adam couldn't keep up with the tagstorm. One ASI would ruin his day. New cards and new MWL made me take another look at him.

I want to get the list ready for regionals, so comments and suggestions are definitely welcome.

Game Plan

One of the problems with Adam is he burns out in the late game. Once you run out of Overmind counters getting into servers becomes either impossible or prohibitively expensive. Changing the economic engine encouraged me to put in Levy AR Lab Access. Through careful planning, I can get another 2-3 Overminds out of the deck helping maintain pressure.

Use Neutralize All Threats to pressure HQ. Find the Truth along with Mad Dash to pressure R&D. Safety First to draw you cards. Keep the pressure up unless you think they want you tagged. If so, play it slow, build up your econ, and get setup. Then turn on the pressure.

Card Choices


Zeromus figured out the secret sauce with his Run Sometimes deck. Thanks to Find the Truth, Always Be Running belongs in the deck, not as a starting directive. If ever put the starting directives in a different order I'd be screwed because I don't even read them anymore. I just click the 3 I want based on position in the window.


  • Prepaid VoicePAD

    PPVP, aka Mom's Credit Card, provides the economic backbone for this build. I was finding that Temüjin Contract was getting harder to unload, mostly because of shift toward glacier. Most corps don't have a problem covering archives right now, which was my preferred server for triggering Temujin and FTT. Running turns on Hard-Hitting News, which can break Adam's back early. PPVP gives us econ without having to run as much.

  • Lucky Find - PPVP's favorite card!

  • Sure Gamble - PPVP's other favorite card!
  • Deuces Wild - This card does a lot. 4 modes, all of them have their usages. I find I usually gain money and run.
  • Dirty Laundry - Run and Money.
  • System Seizure - Keeps our breaker suite from taxing us out
  • Daily Casts - Turns out sometimes a bit of drip econ is not a bad thing

Card Draw

Breaker Suite

  • e3 Feedback Implants - our breaker suite has limited resources, so e3 helps us keep them viable longer
  • Overmind - combines with Brain Chip and e3 Feedback Implants to get us just about everywhere. If Wraparound comes back to the meta it could be a problem.
  • Mammon - a new comer. The plan with this breaker is to keep you getting into servers even after you run out of Overmind counters. Ideally install it over your 3rd Overmind just before you Levy. At that point the hit to your MU won't matter much but it keeps you getting access. Also, Dr. Lovegood can help you build this up over multiple turns, but that is just a neat side effect
  • Always Be Running - the ultimate safety net. Turn any ice into a bioroid!


  • Dr. Lovegood - lets you play Drug Dealers and ABT, seems good. If he gets turned into an MCA Informant, DO NOT TARGET HIMSELF! You will be tagged on the corp turn, which is likely when they wanted you tagged anyway.
  • Levy AR Lab Access - Get all that sweet econ back as well as your breakers!
  • Same Old Thing - Reserved for Levy AR Lab Access and in cases of emergency.
  • Mad Dash - combine with Find the Truth and your life gets a lot easier


  • Councilman - Wondertwins are back! Councilman keeps you getting accesses and doesn't cost influence
  • Hunting Grounds - Wraparound was replaced by IP Block. This lovely Apex card keeps us save from them, as well as Data Ravens, Tollbooths, Kominus, Brainstorms....
  • On the Lam - My meta loves burning my house down. Helps avoid Breaking News shenanigans. Synergizes with PPVP, and unlike Aaron it can't be turned into a MCA Informant. I prefer to put it on Public Sympathy and it can't be hit by Best Defense then.
  • New Angeles City Hall - See On The Lam note. Nothing gives me more fear than a never advanced breaking news. This let's me get setup without that fear. Definitely 1st card to change if you want something else.

Final Thoughts

Well that's the list. I'm having a blast playing it. I've had good results with it in our local league. Not claiming it always wins. Anything like Seidr gives it a very hard time by keeping the top of R&D changing. Tagstorm is still a problem. But it is a fun way to play Adam. The core backbone is cycling soon (PPVP, e3, Lucky Find) so I'm not sure how much longer I will have with him. But I intend to enjoy it while I can.

Side note, I don't have specific swordsman tech because that ice isn't in my meta. And him hitting once isn't the end of the world. Afterwards ABR can handle it. Hortum with counters could be an issue. Basically, any anti AI tech can cause problems. Good thing Faust is in MWL purgatory.

6 May 2017 CodeMarvelous


6 May 2017 oldman

I REALLY like this deck. I might run for a while, it looks really fun.

6 May 2017 Conphas

Thanks @oldman. Hope you enjoy it.

Watching beyoken at the moment, and realizing Dean Lister is a card. Adam might love him, probably better the System Seizure? Maybe? Frees up influence for Film Critic at least.

7 May 2017 Conphas

Dean Lister is legit. I am testing -2 System Seizure, - Daily Casts +2 Dean Lister +1 Career Fair, +1 Film Critic

7 May 2017 yog-sothothry

If you cut a daily casts, you have very few targets that give full value for the career fair. I think I'd want to be running 3 daily casts 3 earthrise minimum before I'd want career fair.

7 May 2017 Axlotl

Maybe PolOp in the Career Fair slot? Cutting a DC means you only have 2 resources that give you full Career Fair value.

7 May 2017 Axlotl

I also don't hate the idea of having access to an Interdiction, for more upgrade hate, forcing early rezzes vs asset spam to help pick priority targets, and clearing Enhanced Logins.

7 May 2017 Conphas

I understand the Career Fair concern. Maybe not the best use, but I do have a lot of 2 cost resources. So it isnt a total waste. I did add an interdiction and -2 councilman. I like councilman, but he hasn't been pulling his weight.

I think the deck is good as listed here. I also think it has plenty of room for improvement. I really appreciate all the feedback I've been getting on it.

8 May 2017 stoppableforce

If he gets turned into an MCA Informant, DO NOT TARGET HIMSELF! You will be tagged on the corp turn, which is likely when they wanted you tagged anyway.

If you blank him you're still tagged anyway on your own turn; the condition of being tagged comes from the condition counter. Only the trash ability is on the connection itself.

8 May 2017 Conphas

@stoppableforce yep. but a default target for Lovegood is 'Himself' when you want to ABR to be active. If you have MCA Informant you really need to be careful with the target.

8 May 2017 Hashmal

Ran this for 10 games on over the weekend. Won 9 of them. The early aggression of this deck is not to be underestimated.

Have you considered The Turning Wheel? When most people see Neutralize All Threats, they typically ICE up HQ pretty good. Makes it tough to get in repeatedly to pressure Fast Advance and the variance of 2 HQ accesses can allow the Corp an opportunity to get lucky and sneak an agenda out.

No idea what you'd cut for it, though, as pretty much everything in this deck feels necessary.

8 May 2017 Conphas

@Hashmal I've definitely considered it, but I dont find myself making fruitless HQ/R&D runs often. I only run R&D if there is an agenda or game is on the line. But I still think it is a good idea.

8 May 2017 Conphas

Also, really pleased to hear it worked so well for you. Glad you enjoyed it!

8 May 2017 clydeiii

Plan for @Hortum?

8 May 2017 yog-sothothry

Always be Running breaks Hortum. If they get two Hortum's with three advancements, then just run somewhere else :)

8 May 2017 Conphas

@clydeiii``@yog-sothothry yep. if the double hortum with 6 advancements between, I've likely won on another server.

There is a lot of incidental AI hate right now, but no focused. Until my meta starts slotting Turings, Wraparounds, and Swordsmans again, I think I am fine.