Blue Moose Aendy (2nd @ NG Philippines Regionals)

profwacko 68

This is essentially the London Regional Aeandy deck with the tweaks mentioned in the comments by @Shmeguy plus 2x Bloo Moose and minus a Daily Casts.

Bloo Moose is just an awesome card in Crim. You never need to recur anything in this deck anyway, and you can install it with Career Fair too so it fits perfectly.

The Film Critic is there as I expected some Obokata Protocol or TFP during the tourney. In the end though, I never got to use it.

Andromeda is still just a good all around runner and has gotten much better at beating Asset Spam.

3 Aug 2017 Akira.Chisaka

No Rebirth?

3 Aug 2017 profwacko

@kcboy102 Yeah, although Rebirth-ing is always good in Andy, influence is a bit tight. I think Employee Strike is much more impactful in the current meta-- The original list uses 3x.

5 Aug 2017 Akira.Chisaka

@profwackoYeah, I forgot that Rebirth costs influence...

Consider using [ZU.13 Key Master]? I liked it a lot a while ago. Less influence cost, less install cost, a bit more to break stuff.

7 Aug 2017 profwacko

@kcboy102 ZU.13 + Rebirth or the third #E Strike might be good, but I feel like I can't cut anything else out in this deck for another card.

I'm probably switching to Inversificator from Gordian Blade.