Butcher Electric Sheep 3000

Menghini 37

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

This Apex won me 2 out 6 games at the Laserrunner event (winning from HB Sportsmetal and NBN NEH kill/asset spam, losing against NBN NEH asset spam/positive tag punishment (close), HB ASA glacier style (close), NBN Azmari asset spam/positive tag punishment (close), Jinteki MTI) . I took the deck from 'World's best Apex' and made it 'my own'. Instead of Spy camera, I added Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding did great work at Jinteki.net, but not during the event. The apocalypse is more a card against asset spam. For the smaller asset corps, there was Prey. I also added a Traffic Jam for the late game, to make sure I could finish earlier then the corp, though I never used it as a face-up card...

The Sports Hopper is a late addition to be able to draw more. I guess I wanted to have a tutor to be able to get certain key cards (chop bot, wasteland, pirate breakers), and this was the closest thing.

I also took out Reaver: I know it can be part of the draw/credit engine, but I never got it to work properly with Grappling Hook and MU's

3 losses were close and I heard very positive comments from my opponent. Two of the losses were mostly due to not being able to get together the engine on time (and of course my and my opponents playstyle :)).

I always liked to play Apex and this deck gave me confidence to play it at a tournament.

Edit: I just need to brag a little: after reading the laserrunner stories here, I think I can say I had the best Apex at the Laserrunner event! ;)