Adam is better than criminals and shapers (3rd at worlds)

ToThBeBe 624

Before anything else I would like to shout out my friend Drenus' Art, who created this awesome Adam art, check him out here:


Also thanks for everyone at NISEI for keeping the greatest game alive, and the community, for continuing the run. Also thanks for all my opponents it was a pleasure running with you!


This is the Adam deck I brought to worlds and took 3rd place with. It is definitely my weaker deck, finishing 5-6 (I think) while my corp deck finished 12-1. I'm going to be honest I dont really remember all my matchups the first day, but the second day I lost to ASA (non rococo assetspam), kill Azmari, and won against jinja ASA and the same Azmari on stream. During this 3 days of playing Adam I realized that I made some bad choices with this deck, so lets discuss them:

Lets start with the unicorn in the room: Film Critic

In our meta here in Hungary/Czechia there are a lot of good jinteki and argus players, and when Engolo got restricted I didnt even think about throwing FC out. Looking at worlds meta, it also doesnt seem too bad because its good against Argus, Lakshmi, Sportsmetal and IG, but I only faced 1 IG and 1 Lakshmi out of those, and didnt even have time to find my FCs vs them. all-in-all it just didnt feel good and I will switch back to Engolo for the early pressure and try out whistleblower. Mad Dash is also worth mentioning, although "Freedom Through Equality" does a very similar thing without a unicorn symbol, so there is that. In hindsight I would definitely change out one more Interdiction for a second FtE in this 3/5 agenda meta


I am super happy with my choices here. Rezeki just feels like a better Data folding, being one cheaper and not a resource, and PAD Taps are awesome. I rarely had big money problems, and you dont really need draw besides Safety First.


I already talked about missing Engolo, but I am also not sure about my killer choice. I was on Bukhgalter for a long time and I miss the efficiency of it, but I cant justify the influence cost, and I wasnt too disappointed with Na'Not'K so I'm gonna probably keep it. Also with engolo you can break some stuff cheaper than Na'Not'k, and even if you dont Logic Bomb is there for you.

No recursion:

This was a bad choice. I am not sold on Clone Chip, but playing 1 or 2 Reclaims should be a no brainer. recurring Logic Bombs just seem sick

No RNG Key:

Here is my hottest take of the day probably: RNG Key in Adam sucks. It just makes you play worse for a low to medium benefit. In my opinion the ideal Adam strategy is only run RnD when you see and agenda on top with Find the Truth, and only pressure HQ and remotes. Running RnD just for RNG Key feels like a waste of a click as soon as rnd is iced. Also the 1 memory early is better spent on rezeki

All in all this is a solid Adam list that still has some kinks to work out, it got carried by my corp, but when it mattered, it won me games. I would recommend anyone playing some Adam, I think he is the most fun runner by far.

Continue The Run!

8 Oct 2019 Murse

Can't wait to see your sports list! Great showing!

8 Oct 2019 Agasha

LOVE your title. Thanks for repping the best Bio boi.

And my god, those alt arts! Amazing. Let me know when / where I can get a playset.

8 Oct 2019 Bridgeman

Congratz man! And well played :)

8 Oct 2019 rusefus

Love the list, was Stimhack over Career Fair ever a decision or is Stimhack always a better in your opinion?

8 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

@rusefus I was on both until I threw out the data foldings, and even then I found myself not having resources in my hand with career fair. Only 7 of my resources cost 3 or more so I dont hink its a question in this variant. Also I would never ditch Stimhack ever

@Agasha I am planning on making it somehow available, It just going to take some time

8 Oct 2019 Havvy

Loving the list and great job at worlds! This has made me want to pick Adam up again :)

9 Oct 2019 Saja_PL

Love it. THX 4 performance. How do U feel about Gordian here? Did U think about Reclaim?

9 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

@Stoned44 I mentioned reclaim in my writeup, it shouldve been a no brainer to include them. Gordian is great, but you need some kind of pseudo AI so I will be switching back to engolo

9 Oct 2019 Hammers

Nice list! After playing RNG Key for so long, I think I'm now coming round to agreeing that it's not good. I'll have to give Rezeki a go. The only card I think I'd add to your list is a Corporate Defector as it's one of my fave cards in Adam and did a lot of good work for me over the weekend.

Thanks you for making me feel like I'm not insane for pretty much only playing Adam for 2 years!

9 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

@Hammers I was playing Corporate defectors for a long time, but I just cant fit it into my decks anymore, there are so many good cards to choose from. Maybe after rotation :)

9 Oct 2019 Cpt_nice

Happy to see you also cut the Data Foldings. Makes me feel more confident going forward. I might actually up my Rezeki count.

I do not necessarily agree with Mad Dash being interchangeable with FTE, since the former costs 0 instead of a respectable 3 and it starts a run, so it also costs less clicks. But being able to use Film Critic is obviously great.

Great Adam art btw!

9 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

@Cpt_nice I didnt mean theyre interchangable, what I meant is that It does a near enough thing that I cant justify giving up the unicorn spot for it.

9 Oct 2019 DarthLuke

Congrats! Don't really understand how does it work. No tutor, don't need draw? What is you're beginning directive?

9 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

@DarthLuke your tutor is Emergent Creativity and your draw is Safety First, you dont really need more. Maybe the two Earthrise Hotels, but I was thinking of cutting them even though that would be a bad idea probably. I always start with Neutralize All Threats, Safety First and Find the Truth

9 Oct 2019 vesper

I believe you have single-handedly turned quite a few heads around with this deck :) and Drenus' Art does amazing stuff, thank you for the pointer!

10 Oct 2019 Labbes

Round seven was the scariest game I had all weekend. We were talking (on day 1) about how the meta wasn't great for Adam right now and then you just calmly make third place like a boss. Well done!

19 Oct 2019 ptc

This deck convinced me to finally give Adam a crack. It took a bit of getting used to but I’m getting the hang of it now and it’s good fun!

One thing I’m struggling with though, is finding trash targets for Emergent Creativity. It seems like in the early game, when it’s most useful, the only real targets are 2nd and 3rd copies of Brainchip, Misdirection if it’s not needed, and maybe a Multithreader. They tend to just sit in my hand more often than not. What am I missing?

22 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

@hyper_turbo_ptc you dont need to discard anything to play it. 0 is a number, so when it says trash any number you can trash 0

29 Oct 2019 BizTheDad

What would you cut to include Reclaim? I was thinking Liberated Account.

30 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

@BizTheDad Yeah, if you cut the FC-s and a liberated for Engolo you have 4 influence to put in 2 reclaims and 2 slots to put your own flair (right now I am on corporate defectors)