1st Place Store Championship Bochum "Lean and Mean" Adam

JackMade 3251

Went 4-0 undefeated in the Store Championship in Bochum. The early game pressure from Adam's directives combined with RNG Key to set up a really strong late game with a lot of recurring credits and Data Folding was always just amazing. The first time i felt like playing criminal again since the rotation. The two new Adam cards ( Emergent Creativity and RNG Key ) just performed over all expectations.

5/7 would play again.

My Corp Deck

26 Feb 2018 Mavhunter

Hi, not sure if I'm missing it but which of the directives does this run?

26 Feb 2018 Mavhunter

Also, I meant to say I love the list, I've been excited for Adam to be relevant!

26 Feb 2018 Klopstock

Cool list, I played it a couple of times and it is really fun to play, with a nice transitioning from an aggressive early game into an oppressive late game.

@Mavhunter Generally, you want to use Neutralize All Threats because an HQ Interface from Turn 1 onwards is extremely good, Find the Truth to make your R&D runs more valuable and your RNG Key more accurate and Safety First, because clickless draw is amazing. The only exception I would make to this rule are extremely fast Corp decks, like Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future. In those games, the draw from Safety First probably won't be as strong, while you direly need to contest early Remotes. That's why Always Be Running is the stronger pick in these matches.

26 Feb 2018 phette23

Hmm no ABR in the main deck. Interesting list! Congrats on the win!

26 Feb 2018 JackMade

@Klopstockyou got it exactly right. In the SC i only started with Always Be Running once with Safety First on the bench, when i played against CI where i was pretty sure, that he was on Brain Rewiring. With the breaker suite and Multithreader for the late game, i really don't see a reason to have Always Be Running in the deck.

26 Feb 2018 Mavhunter

@Klopstock Thanks for clarifying!