[Startup] Battle Station PD - 3-4, 2nd place Ashes to Ashes

CobraBubbles 667

Best of three cuts can do weird things to your record-placement ratio...

The corp deck I played in the Ashes to Ashes GLC Startup tournament is just enkoder's Fully OP PD but with Tranquility Home Grids over the Regolith Mining Licences. Unlike the changes I made to my runner deck, I am confident that this choice was an improvement. We're PD, we love to go fast, and moreover if the runners get set up in Startup it is very very hard for an honest corp to ever win, so spending clicks using Regolith is not where you want to be.

Not much else to say here - you know how PD works by now. That's not to dismiss how good and fun the deck is though. It's good clean Netrunner, always interactive and always with interesting decision points.

I gave longer thoughts on the tournament in the above-linked runner list, so you should probably go there now, after you smash that like button of course.

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9 Jul 2022 Havvy

Great result! Looks as solid as a PD deck can be in startup!