BoN: The stack left the chat

Silent Arbiter 123

Here again, with another annoying corp.

This time with a grinder BoN, forcing runs on your advanced ices with Bladderwort, Urban Renewal and Clyde Van Rite has never been easier.

Hostile architecture is MASSIVE, allowing you to protect your other stuff and to activate bladderworts. Protecting him with prisec is a must.

Gameplay is easy: asset spam but with an ice on every remote. If they run they die. If they don't they die to bladderworts. You can start installing more ices on centrals to keep yourself low on credits.

Wall to Wall is the MVP of the game. Advancing unadvancable ices makes your deck sooo much stronger; mulligan to have 1 in your opening hand.

The late game is usually 3/4 ices on r&d and just keep on spamming the Urbans after having them reshuffled. Used to play with 3 distract the masses but had to cut 1 for the second EoTL, so many runners keep themselves tagged nowodays. Snares are damn op. Is funny how 2 snares always come out in the game and of 9 agendas so often only two came up.

IMPORTANT: Do not play this Corp. Just don't. is annoying for the runners. And we don't want to bore them, do we?

P.S: Dies to Buffer Drive.