Slippery Slope

Necro 190

4th/13 at Hungarian Nationals, only got beaten by the champ's Apocalypse Valencia.

New year, new rotation, new meta. I had no idea what to play, so I looked up Uprising statistics on KnowTheMeta and saw Argus has a pretty sweet winrate. So I went with that. This is an iteration on Longi's "They Always Slip" Argus build.

I changed up ICE a bit. Meru Mati is nice, although I should have added Spiderweb which was played by the Czech guys. It is taxing and also great against Boomerang. Also I wanted to feature the awesome Archer alt art we made for the Hungarian Nationals 2019. Check it out:


contact me on Stimhack Slack if you want some!

False Lead is back in Uprising. Scoring one really makes it hard for the runner to keep up with the rush and not end up dying. I love it. I also adore Armed Intimidation. I could not choose between the two, so I ended up cutting one Project Atlas. This is probably a bad choice as it hinders the deck going fast, but killing

19 Jan 2020 Longi

Good call. Argus is always good. Because they always slip :) Thanks for great event as usual and for cool promos!