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Andy Strikes Back (21st Worlds, 3rd Icebreaker)
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Andy Strikes Back 2.0
Standard Andy w/ On The Lam (Woking SC)
RegAndy - 2017 Tucson Games & Gadgets SC - 1st Place
Andy Strikes Back w/Exploit
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rojazu 1339

Following the Quorom release the meta is shifting and I thought I would share my latest iteration of Strike Andy. With much less CTM, powertaps and castles are no longer necessary, so in come more universally applicable cards in the form of a full set of Casts and 2 Aarons. So far I've tested 60 games with this version and its record is 47-13 (~78%) and I'm really happy with it. A video going over the deck in more detail is available on CodeMarvelous youtube channel here -

This deck was created in the lead up to worlds and the strategic game plan is pretty much the same: establish money and breakers, attack each server in the following order Archives (for setup and make the corp commit resources there), HQ (for siphon/legwork), RnD (to finish with medium) whilst maintaining a remote lock and being opportunistic when you can. If you ever find yourself falling too far behind, blind siphon. If your rig gets sniped, just be stoic and carry on as you have quite a lot of redundancy (there are four quasi-decoders in this build) and they will find it hard to lock you out of all servers - I have got a ton of wins from seemingly lost positions with this deck just by not giving up and playing to your outs.

On specific card choices the entire deck is 'good stuff' with the exception of Vamedeva which, whilst expensive to install, I have been finding really quite useful. Andy is rich enough to swallow the install cost and its stats are the same as Corroder. Right now, its the only breaker you need vs CI7/IG49, both of which can be troubling matchups. Its also very helpful as either an early 'must get in right now' breaker and as a redundant/utility breaker particularly in the Batty matchups. Also the art is great as Chris Dyer will attest to if you give him even the slightest opportunity.

Regarding specific matchups, its generally regarded that Friends HB with NEXT ICE has the measure of Andy. I haven't personally experienced that with this deck going 7-1 vs HB however those matches are a slog and it may well be my efficacy with the deck thats pulling me through, and the rise of Batty is troubling. They tend to hinge on a key turning point in the game where you land a couple of siphons to get them down to zero and then keep hammering HQ/RnD to close the game out quickly. The other thing you need to exploit verses HB is their requirement to establish economy and defend centrals simultaneously which can give rise to forking situations if you assess it correctly and aware of what ice they have and what the worst that can happen to you is. In essence, its a skill testing matchup for you but you are favoured if you play it correctly.

Another matchup thats considered unfavourable for Andy is CI. Again thats not my experience I am currently 6-3 vs CI and the primary reason for slotting Vamedeva was theory crafting around this matchup. Post VLC, CI is on average scoring out in 6 turns so you dont have very long - Andy can disrupt the clock using siphon/strike by around 2 turns, so in essence you have 7 turns to win. Alongside Vamedeva you have plenty of cards to either disrupt or maximise accesses - 3 siphon, 2 strikes, 2 legwork, 1 medium. earthrise aaron and mas are excellent for maintaining the momentum. What you want to do here is run like a madman maximising acceses, forcing them to spend money on rezzes and being as disruptive as possible. The moment you sit back you probably lose unless you are already on match point. Overdraw and throw away all time consuming cards like sec testing, kati etc and pretty much always go tagme - if they want to spend money to trash your stuff thats bad for them. Its always a really fun game vs CI because the normal rules of netrunner need to be completely abandoned as you play the access lottery. I would actually advise beginners to play against CI because running, not tableau building is the heart of the game and what sets it apart from others.

The other matchup that is regarded as a little tricky is really heavy asset spam out of IG or Gagarin and to some extent PU. All are actually quite beatable especially Gagarin which is actually very straightforward as they are fighting you on money which you are best equipped for. PU you need to lean on strike/siphon and save your cards as hit points towards the end for the final medium dig - also Vamedeva breaks Data mine :P. IG is the hardest however due to the click compression. Vamedeva crushes IG49 but the 54 variant is much trickier - my experience tells me that what you need is an above average starting hand in order to compete- so mull for sec testing, desperado & mas/earthrise are particularly useful so you get some clickless draw and can build your board whilst simultaneously tearing down theirs. You really need to get that first MCH before it spirals out of control. This is one of the few matchups where JM > Aaron and personally think this is my hardest MU.

Lastly, I should mention something about CTM - its why we play Andy right? This deck is not as good vs CTM as Takeshi's Castle is. However, it doesnt need to be and when i say its worse I mean its gone from 90% to 80%. Andys weakness vs CTM was not money, trashing stuff or staying above 8 - it was doing all that whilst also finding your breakers to avoid the BN --> Closed Accounts play (often followed up by HHN the next turn) which would destroy your momentum and make it really hard to recover or lose to exchange. Aaron prevents this completely so the matchup is still very much in your favour as you have the econ to compete - just be a bit wary of midseasons as that is becoming more common now. If it all does go wrong and you end up tagged, you can still siphon spam and medium lock them.

The great thing about this build is its flexible enough to adapt - if you see more NEXT ice builds out of ETF you can just draft in a Sherman, another sucker (or sac construct) and a hopper for link for a really powerful and efficient rig. Or you can go to 2 RDi and play Tracker to counter Batty. I also think Faust Andy is an avenue worthy of exploration as that will free up influence for additional toys. The non-program cards are pretty much locked however.

Happy running.

25 Jan 2017 willsta
  • 1 Aaron + 1 hostage in my opinion
25 Jan 2017 rojazu

Out of the 3, aaron john & kati, aaron is the one you want to fetch first in most cases therefore the 2nd aaron is alway more efficient and better than a hostage (in both cases you have 2 cards in your deck that are or can fetch aaron). The only instance hostage would be more desirable is when you installed aaron already and then you draw into mas/kati but wanted the other one. If the 3 connections were of all equal value then hostage would be better but aaron is way better than the others so it has no value over 2nd aaron imo.

25 Jan 2017 clercqie

I'd be tempted to include the Hostage on top of the 2 Aaron. Aaron is the best connection here, no disagreement on that.

The cut for the Hostage is maybe the 3rd earthrise?

25 Jan 2017 rojazu

You really want to see Earthrise in your opening hand - its a great career fair target too I would never cut it.

25 Jan 2017 AkAnderson

I have got a ton of wins from seemingly lost positions with this deck just by not giving up and playing to your outs.

Thank you very much for adding that part. I feel that people learn their decks better when playing from all positions, instead of quitting when a breaker gets hit.

25 Jan 2017 rojazu

Amen to that

25 Jan 2017 triorph

Love the build. I'd really be happy to make it 3 Aaron personally though, perhaps cutting a daily casts. Otherwise really good.

28 Jan 2017 Korrigan

Have you considered film critic (maybe instead of the datasucker)? Good vs the rising of mid-seasons, fetals ans tfp

29 Jan 2017 rojazu

It has been tested but its a defensive card and i dont think thats where andy wants to be. I prefer the wheel if i have a spare influence and currently i have spent it on sucker which is always good

15 Feb 2017 SneakyBookshelf

Thoughts on sloting Sifr into this instead of Desperado? Either 3x Sifr or 2x Sifr and one influence on the wheel or a second sucker? It might help a lot with the HB matchup, breaking Fairchild 3.0 and big Next Bronze for cheap

15 Feb 2017 rojazu

Sifr, much like Desperado, is just an economy card for criminals. By all means test it but I think you will find that it doesnt pay out as much as and as consistently as desperado does across all matchups. The extra mem is cool, and you could maybe play around with tapwrm to utilise that. However, invariably desperado is superior imo. The only Criminal ID where I think Sifr would be worthwhile over Desperado is in Geist, as his breakers need a critical mass to function and Sifr shortcuts that.

15 Feb 2017 SneakyBookshelf

Cool, thanks for the reply! I'm not a great deck builder so there are some cases with "power cards" like Sifr where I'm very unsure. I'd say Tapwrm is still useful even in non Sifr decks, 9/10 times you'll hit a cyberdex or the corp will purge your early medium and get the Tapwrm with that, a tawprm in your starting hand with Andy could potentially net you 8+ credits before youre ready to overwrite it or the corp purges

How do you feel about R&D Interface over Medium? There is a Lot of Cyberdex going around right now, most corps dont leave the house without one and HB have the freedom to run 2

15 Feb 2017 rojazu

Regarding tapwym, its a really good econ option and i love the design. I have tested it with and without sac con, i found it comparable to daily casts but more variant in its payoff depending on the matchup, hence i stuck with casts. Ultimately, you get money or time, whichever is best for the corp as it is at their discretion. Casts is more dependable so i stuck with that. In addition, this andy dec hasnt got the mem space for it, but if you play RDi over kedium/sucker you can include it.

On the subject of RDi vs Medium, medium is just Boss. It finishes so many games and turns that huge bankroll into accesses and a win. Its also cheaper than double rdi, and has excellent synergy with sectesting and temujin. I havent really struggled with macrophage or cvs they are speedbumps but not roadblocks. Yes, RDi is better vs Glacier ETF (try to leave rnd alone in the early game and siphon them before you launch your rnd assualt) when they have rezzed their ice, but medium is better in all over matchups and absolutely vital vs spam decks such as CTM. RDi eases up the mem problems and is a consideration for me in a batty heavy meta if i felt that really needed Tracker in my rig to combat it.

16 Feb 2017 partialcharge

I love seeing Good Stuff lists like this that can compete. Thanks for the post!

With ArMar making Siphon so much better than it already was, what do you think about: -1 Career Fair -1 Legwork +2 Same Old

That would let you get more tag-free Siphons in later in the game, plus you can recur LW or E-strike as needed.

19 Feb 2017 rojazu

I do scribble quite extensive testing notes in the description tab of the meteor page of this deck (, also my tab there shows variants that im currently testing.

1 Mar 2017 rojazu

With less CI around, I have been trialling Exploit in place of Vamadeva with the initial results very encouraging. Exploit will not be useful in some games but it is an extremely high impact card that resets the corps board state.