[Startup] Punitive PD (Top Cut/13th GLC CO)

Therebrae 7

Deck is pretty straightforward, 44 card, 6 agenda, Punitive Counterstrike deck. Goal is to fork the runner with 3 point agendas, leveraging the strength of Project Vacheron and get the runner with a double punitive. After playing a few rounds with the deck there are certainly changes I would make, but I was able to get a few kills off of surprises as Boat runners often go low on credits the turn they install Boat to get into the remote. Assembling double punitive and getting a large credit differential are the critical aims of this deck. There is an alternate scoring plan which pivots punitive money into Big Deal to close out the game if required, but a single agenda must be scored 'the hard way', ideally early in the game.

Influence split may be controversial, but at least 9 is clearly spoken for in Punitive and Spin Doctor. Daily Business Show allows you to bury agendas you aren't ready for and find the Punitives faster. A single Engram Flush on centrals slows down any thoughts of Deep Dive and forces a huge spend on Hyperbaric for the single ice. Saisentan is to keep runners honest as most don't expect a facecheck Sentry in HB to be dangerous outside of Ansel 1.0 which can be clicked through, though it is incredibly expensive for what ends up being a mild Tempo hit for the runner.

Other than that, changes may be to the econ suite, as Fully Operational has been decent most games, but not stellar, as the draw mode can help dig for Punitives and having 2 single iced remotes isn't uncommon to drag the runner through to trash money assets. Regolith Mining License in the 44 is probably correct as going +13 credits off of a single card is really strong, especially when you don't often want to manual draw with DBS to keep unwanted agendas out of HQ.