Laurazmari - 1st and undefeated at Reading CO

cableCarnage 2560

aka corrupted pigeon aka they're slipping again

Card choices

Similar to Pigeon Fighter, this deck plays 8 agendas with 3 Bellona and synergy with Seamless Launch. The agenda suite is incredibly resilient. Half the points are gated by a steep credit tax which is tricky to handle if Artificial Cryptocrash gets scored. Tomorrow's Headline gives a tag on steal which helps the tag plan. 15 Minutes is most often worth 0 for the runner unless they can win the same turn as they steal it. A key omission is Offworld Office but follows one of the premises of the deck: a poor runner is better than a rich corp. froyo

To ensure runners stay poor, we use the full set of Economic Warfare and all our ice taxes credits. Or gives tags but that is even better. There are only 2 tag punishment cards with a single BOOM! and a single Market Forces. With 44 cards and 2 Gaslight this doesn't feel like a problem in practice. Once the runner is buried in tags, you should find BOOM! asap to win. Market Forces helps making sure that the runner doesn't recover, providing the corp with both scoring windows and time to find BOOM! I'm not sure this deck has an out vs Misdirection though but shapers are rare at the moment.

How to play

This deck is very similar to JuniperTheory's New Angeles Sol deck. Their write up is a worthwhile read. You want to be jamming cards in your remote and force the runner to interact. If they don't, they risk losing 7 credits or giving corps the acceleration needed; if they do, they risk Hard-Hitting News. And keep the premise in mind: a poor runner is better than a rich corp.

Tournament report

I would like to thank everyone who attended Reading CO and ExtraC for making it a fun event. I would also like to give a shout out to Laura for coming up with the origin of this deck.

1 May 2023 thebigunit3000

With decks like this, I feel like the meta is in a really Good Place.

1 May 2023 ExtraC

aka corrupted pigeon

![a new challenger approaches!]("A new challenger approaches")

Congrats @cablecarnage a well deserved win!!

1 May 2023 Diogene

The name of the deck should be "they ran, ended up poor, took a bunch of tags and then a missile". Haha!

Did Artificial Cryptocrash help in all those games?

Also, could Best Defense replace one NGO Front to have a counter against Misdirection?

I loved this deck write-up. Congratulation on your well deserved win.

1 May 2023 Longi

well done, congrats on the win!

1 May 2023 cableCarnage

I scored a few Cryptocrashes in the tournament and they do help. They provide scoring windows, protect your Bellonas and makes runs riskier.

For Best Defense to be worth it, the meta would need to shift heavily towards Misdirection. Misdirection is mostly played in shaper which currently has a low presence. Furthermore shapers most often play Simulchip, lowering the value of best defense even more.

18 May 2023 Longi

@cableCarnage What´s your opinion on Sure Gamble vs. Predictive Planogram in this build?

18 May 2023 Krasty

@Longi: Sure Gamble will be best addtion in this monster.... make this deck illegal! :o)
I bet on Hedge more than Predictive Planogram...

19 May 2023 cableCarnage

I tried Planograms for a couple of games. It is good but not sure it is worth replacing (all) Hedge Funds for it. The deck is already running on tight margins for credits.

15 Jun 2023 saifrc

Just wanted to say, thanks for sharing this deck! I took it (card for card) to the 20-person Seattle Circuit Opener, and went 6-0 with it on the day, ultimately winning it all. The Seattle field had some pretty good players, from both sides of the border. I consider myself an average player, so I give a lot of credit to this deck!