In space, no one needs breakers.

g4rr3t 62

This, my friends, is my old deck, Modded for Worlds 2020. It took me quite some time, to realize that what I really want to do is to stick to the guns I know (thanks to @Bookkeeper, who made me think this way). And it proved to be a good decision. I ended up being the highest rated Jemison on the planet (lol, not that there were more than 2 of them - shoutouts to Pommes, who, as far as i know, was the other player daring to reach the stars with Mae Jemison!)

The idea behind the deck is pretty easy - nowadays, tags and meat dmg fly all around all the time. Taglines - Is your money safe? Can I touch that helium reactor without being burnt? - are quite common. That's why I decided to take the ancient way of the blind scorpion:

  • net damage flatline (borrowing few Junebugs from fellow Chairman Hiro),
  • putting the problematic breakers in the bin (another good lease from Jinteki, mr. Batty)
  • and sealing the uncomfortable things far away from my sandbox (Ark Lockdown, thanks to Cynthia Haas)

It went 5/2 during worlds 2020, and that is quite a thing for me.

Thanks to all the players I played with (you know who you are, probably), to all the participants, and to NISEI, who is doing hell'a'good job keeping the best game alive! ABR.

13 Oct 2020 valerian32

This is something I want to try = D

13 Oct 2020 g4rr3t

@valerian32 nice to hear :) have fun!

14 Oct 2020 boreira

congrats on a good score mate GO GO POZNAN CITY GRID

14 Oct 2020 g4rr3t

Thanks Boris! And yes, big shoutouts to the whole gang from PoznaƄ City Grid!

14 Oct 2020 Urziel

Hi @g4rr3tfantastic variant of the deck and really nice results on Worlds congrats! The old version looks plays better for me, but this one is better if you are taking into account the number of Boomerang users! Good job!

14 Oct 2020 g4rr3t

@Urziel - thanks! Much appreciated :)

15 Oct 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Lessons were learnt, Corporate Towns were trashed, Junebugs were run into! Good games though, really fun to run into a Jemison!