Abrupt Agenda Advancement - 1st and undefeated @ Italian CoS

wowarlok 760

Epiphany Analytica: Nations Undivided finally has some great payoff cards, so I set off to find a fun build to play at the Italian Crown of Server.

It went pretty good

Compared to other NBN asset decks that try to choke the runner out of resources or outright kill them this one is fully focused on scoring fast and never letting he runner get a chance to steal agendas.
The main scoring lines of this list use a combination of The Holo Man, SanSan City Grid and the Id to to fast advance agendas from HQ or the top few cards of R&D.
Federal Fundraising provides unparallel control over the top of R&D and makes Epiphany uses a sure thing, The Powers That Be and Amani Senai push the game state in our favor after every score and Bladderwort,Regolith Mining License and Marilyn Campaign generate the necessary credits to finish the game.
Stoke the Embers puts in great work both being somewhat tempo neutral as well as being able to advance Mestnichestvos to slow the runner after the score. Being fast advanceable from the deck with Epiphany gives it an edge over Offworld Office and Artificial Cryptocrash that also compete for the same slot.

While playing this deck I noticed that how the runner decides to deal with your board heavily impacts the strategy you need to follow:

  • Some runner will try and trash as many key pieces as possible, but in doing so they'll flood you with Epiphany counters. In these situations it's pivotal to use the Id aggressively slowly draining the runner's credit pool. Regolith is your best friend in games like these, where credits are hard to come by.
  • Other runners will starve you of Epiphany counters, realizing that most of your FA lines require them, but letting you get rich with all your money assets. Fundraising is the key card here, letting you control R&D accesses as well as find agendas sooner than the runner can. While you'll usually build a 2 ice remote, here is where you should focus on making it as scary and taxing as you can maximizing the cost to contest your upgrades, which the runner will eventually have to deal with.

In a meta of Clot-less shapers and not as many mulch decks as people try new stuff out this is a very fun and viable list.

Huge thank you to Atien, Porkobolo and Darta for hosting and organizing the event, it was blast as always.
Also a mandatory shoutout to my teammates koga and Silent Arbiter, they both played out of their minds, scoring 70 out of the 90 possible points we could've gotten! We set out to win the cup in November and here we are.

P.S. if you like the mug in the picture and want one for yourself, fly to EMEA later this year and compete for a chance of winning one (and a possible continental title, but that's less important)!

26 Mar 2024 Council


26 Mar 2024 cros

Nice nice GG

26 Mar 2024 Drager

Wowacarnage achived! Congrats man!

26 Mar 2024 Porkobolo

i will strongly reject any credit for the CoS, all the merit must go to Darta and my beatiful wife Atien, my contribute was just being cute and occasionally cooking something :3

27 Mar 2024 HaverOfFun

super groovy deck wowa!

18 Apr 2024 not_yeti

yo, is that netrunner on the shelf behind? siiick