"Watch this. It'll be Sunny." (5th Place at ANRPC CT)

Sanjay 3429

Took this to the ANRPC Charity Tourney and went 3-1 with wins vs Next ICE EtF, Architects of Tomorrow, and Titan Fast Advance with a loss to Titan Fast Advance to finish fifth place.

I think that's pretty good!

If you want to watch me bungle a game on stream you can see that here.

Some notes on the deck:

The goal in playing this deck is to commit as little to the board as possible in terms of icebreakers and big installs while you throw speed bumps at the corp.

Jak Sinclair + Security Nexus are really good for that, because you basically get to just pressure to corp to rez ice for very little expenditure on your part. Then once a bunch of ice is rezzed, you know how little precisely you need to install to get in to the servers you want to get into.

Tapwrm is an incredible card. Letting Sunny have an unchecked Tapwrm is very bad but also slowing down and purging vs Sunny is also very bad. You ideally want to play them when you have 2 or 3 of your drip econ cards down and the corp has a decent amount of cash.

Sports Hopper is a late addition to the deck and I really like it. It's a bad Plascrete Carapace, a bad Earthrise Hotel, and a bad Access to Globalsec, but the fact that you get to choose which one of those it is when is really great.

Street Peddlers are incredible. I love them.

You have a redundant copy of each breaker so unless you are up against Skorpios, feel free to chuck one as you aggressively draw through your deck trying to find your important cards.

I never faced Scarcity of Resources during the tournament which was a blessing.

10 Jul 2017 analogBrad

I like Peace in Our Time in this deck for its interaction with Tapwrm and for its burst for an early Nexus install. What d'you think about swapping out the Clone Chip, a Data Folding, and Kati for three?

10 Jul 2017 Sanjay

I personally don't really like Peace in Our Time, but I think that's a pretty good plan. Getting the Nexus down with a comfortable pile of money earlier is definitely a big positive. Giving the corp money means you can't pressure them financially quite as easily with your frivolous Jak + Nexus runs, but hey, 9 for one card is solid.

I don't know if Data Folding + Kati would be the optimal cuts (Kati really helps against Glacier, and Data Folding, while a junk card, really helps make Tapwrm a tough decision for the corp).

Other cards that might make good cuts might be:

  • Globalsec Security Clearance
  • Security Chip
  • A Single Clot and a Scrubber (keeping the Clone Chip, or maybe turning the Chip into Self-modifying Code)

Side note, if anyone is tinkering with the deck and finds themselves in the opposite position, where they have free deck slots, another card that would be very solid as a 1-of would be Symmetrical Visage

10 Jul 2017 analogBrad

Thoughtful response, Sanjay. Most of my Sunny decks focus on acceleration. I use a skeleton with 3 each of Diesel, Build Script, Deuces Wild, and Peace in Our Time; plus 2 Tapwrm. That leaves 6 influence for hard tech like Mediums or Power Tap/Data Leak Reversal. It's interesting to see your approach of retarding the Corp first rather than juicing up Sunny. Thanks for sharing.