Audrey is just Faust v2

pingo95412 37

Why play Loup instead of Freedom?

Of course we love trashing cards. But when every corp is teching at least two Maviruses with ways to install them from nowhere, they just give Freedom a hard time.

Loup, at least this ID works without any viruses. A single Solidarity Badge is good enough for him to trash most assets with credits.

How good is Anarch?

This deck isn't optimal, but anarch just have all the best cards to carry this mess. Paladin Poemu is a 1 credit econ that can outvalue a banned card. Patchwork is a clickless 2 credits per turn. Hippo and Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga means the corp needs to double ICE every server. And why isn't The Price everywhere? This card is just an econ + card filter draw. In this deck we can easily get Earthrise Hotel, Patchwork or Liberated Account for 2 credits less and start rolling.

Breaker Sweep

We run Audrey v2 as the main breaker because of the synergy. Solidarity Badge and the hotel can provide enough fuel for it until the late game. We also run Cleaver to save our cards from small barriers. And Amina is just being mean here, especially when we install it with the Price and/or the Patchwork.

You can see we do not have any killers, and we run Boomerang instead of Botulus. That's because the MU is quite tight by running Imp, Conduit and the 2 MU Audrey. Not running Botulus also helps not putting every egg in a single basket. Not to mention we can go through all our deck and start looping the Boomerangs.

What else can we change?

Again, this deck is not optimal. Amina probably is an overkill and with the influence we should put some Pinhole Threading. Retrieval Run can be interchangeble with Katorga Breakout but I find both of them has their unique benefit. Hannah "Wheels" Pilintra is quite a niche card and maybe we should just run one more Bankhar instead.

That's it. Thanks for reading this and hope you enjoy the deck.