Stealth Jes v2

magikot 1992

Update to my previous Stealth Jes deck.

Breakers and Support

Dagger and Refractor are the main stealth breakers.Ghost Runner, and Cloak provide more than enough stealth credits to support them.

Atman usually comes in at 4 or 6. Corroder is still one of the best fracters.


Sure Gamble gives a nice kick start, as does Account Siphon. Kati Jones can grant you a windfall. Professional Contacts and Daily Casts are the main drives to the economy and greatly shore up the weaknesses of the previous version. Modded saves you a lot of money as well.

The Rest

Self-modifying Code, Clone Chip, and Artist Colony are great for tutoring what you need. And if you can't tutor, there's always Diesel. Maya can really hurt the corp by bottoming crucial cards. Sports Hopper has come in because it's a great card. Against scorch decks it is your plascrete, it cuts the ash trace in half, and against everything else it's more card draw.

Playing the deck

The deck isn't as aggressive as the previous version. Now it's played like a typical Shaper deck. Getting a dagger and a cloak set up quickly is the goal so you can start poking and prodding servers to force the corp to rez ice. Run smart and you may never need the lone clone chip. Once your rig is assembled you can get into any server very easily.

Get your economy set up as early as you can. Clicking Kati every turn will provide you with a ton of credits when you're ready to go all out. ProCo and Daily Casts keep you flush enough to start exploring servers.

Establishing an R&D lock while denying the corp economy with Maya and Siphon recursion is the goal against almost every deck. However, against yellow or decks with a high agenda count, you can just as easily hammer away at HQ with the lone copy of HQI. This will force the corp to either heavily ice HQ to keep you out (at which point you just switch to R&D), or to start rushing out agendas into remotes.

Meta Calls and Alternate Choices

Switchblade - Slot this in over HQ Interface if you are expecting a lot of Gagarin asset spam.

Data Dealer - Replaces HQ Interface if you want to do more than just push Shi.Kyu and News Teams to the bottom of the deck. You can sell them as well.

Deus X or Sharpshooter - Each could be a viable 46th card but I haven't found either to be needed.

30 Apr 2016 Meristem

How do you feel about Vamp replacing HQ Interface? It looks like you have a huge economic advantage with Professional Contacts and Kati Jones. Why not leverage that and dodge the tag with Vamp? This seems it would work especially well with stealth tech of making a single big run.

3 May 2016 magikot

Between this version and the last u tested vamp extensively. It was good, but never good enough as a singleton. In the end I found the continuous pressure of HQI better fit the way I played the deck. Those rare turns where you siphon into vamp are glorious though.