Stealth Jes

magikot 1992

This deck went 3-1 in a GNK last night beating a new take on EtF Foodcoats deck that was running NEXT ice and Batty, a Spark deck, and a 54 card IG deck. The loss was against a Blue Sun power shutdown combo.

The deck plays very aggressively. Almost criminal levels of aggression. Going stealth, backed by siphon spam you can run with almost 0 credits. You can dodge tags left and right while pressuring both R&D and HQ.

Breakers and Support

Like most any stealth rig Dagger and Refractor are the stealth breakers. Silencer, Lockpick, Cloak, and Ghost Runner power your breakers. Corroder is the fracter while Self-modifying Code gets you what you need when you need it.

Dagger gets through Ichi 1 and 2, Assassin, and Architect for only a stealth credit. Archer gives it some difficulties, requiring 2 stealth credits to get through. Refractor for a single stealth credit gets through Turings on remotes and Tollbooth all day for just one stealth. A really big NEXT Bronze would be scary, but not unmanageable.

Applying Aggression

Earthrise Hotel gives us clickless draw, letting us hammer the centrals. Maya is great. It enables a full rig of three breakers and three Cloaks. It also helps to establish an early R&D lock pushing economy, ice, or key combo pieces to the bottom of the deck. Backed by a few R&D Interfaces, you can ensure the corp never draws another agenda. HQ Interface helps to apply pressure to the hand. Account Siphon spam gives you only a single tag in Jesminder. Diesel does what diesel does, digging you deeper to clutch cards when you need to ramp up the aggression.


Between the recurring credits of the stealth programs and hardware, Ghost Runner is a good way to bank some credits for later. Same with Kati Jones. Sure Gamble is great for getting the economy up and started. Dirty Laundry and Account Siphon let you economy up while applying pressure.

2 Feb 2016 LSK

I wish this list had room for Vamp - you could cut HQI for it.

2 Feb 2016 Aedrill

My advice, get rid of silencer. Even two cloaks and one lockpick are enough for any game, and you have three of each. This way you can add vamp, and that's really sweet. Crescentus is also great in stealth but without clone chips is useless. Silencer is a waste of influence, really.

3 Feb 2016 Andannius

@Aedrill - The point of the Silencer include in stealth builds is usually consistency, not having enough stealth sources end-game. You need to be able to draw into your rig with relative speed against rush/FA and an extra piece helps you do that.

3 Feb 2016 DarlingSensei

How's the econ? Some stealth shapers use Professional Contacts, why did you choose your econ plan?

3 Feb 2016 magikot

I noticed the ProCo stealth decks tend to aim for a single run a turn, and I was looking to make more runs than that. To that end I wanted run economy and recurring credits which is why I also included clickless card draw. When the rig was set up I was able to make 2 or more runs a turn. Using the stealth credits to boost the breakers and the regular credits or clicks to break, a full account siphon would get me through two-three turns, then I'd clear Kati for another 3 or so turns. Rinse and repeat with dirty laundry thrown in as necessary.

5 Feb 2016 An0n3

I've been playtesting something very similar, and decided to start playing around with Vamp like has been suggested.

I didn't find it beneficial at all. When you're already packing Account Siphon and recurring it via Same Old Thing for spam Vamp just doesn't stand up. It's a slightly-less effective attempt at the same thing, that also taxes the influence I would rather be using on stealth breakers/hardware. You don't have to spend the extra click and 2 credits to remove the second tag, but it's nowhere near as punishing/economy fueling as Account Siphon is.

If I had to pick an Anarch event to splash I would sooner reach for Déjà Vu to dig my singleton breakers out of my heap if they got trashed somehow. But even then, just go for Clone Chip and call it a day.

5 Feb 2016 magikot

I played this list again last night, beating a SYNCobeale, Tennin and a Gagarin, losing to a second Gagarin. The loss was because of a misplay, causing me to lose my Corroder, causing ice walls to lock me out. The deck needs program recursion. -1 Silencer, -1 Dagger, -1 Refractor and +3 Clone Chips is what I'm thinking I'll go with after testing this out to 20 games (8 down, 12 to go). It will also allow typical shaper bullshit to speed up setting up my rig.

7 Feb 2016 Smimons

I've been playing with this a bit and noticed that money can be a bit tight... Thoughts?

7 Feb 2016 magikot

You could -1 HQI, -3 RDI, +2 day job, +3 maker's eye. If a corp is good at denying siphon it can be a bit poor. Another option could be to drop the HQI and Katis for casts.

7 Feb 2016 koniu

I am hesitant about losing the breakers and Silencer to 3xCC - if you don't draw into SMC quickly, it's GG. Additionally, this requires dropping HQ Interface, which is the only HQ multi-access card in this deck.

The changes I would make are:

3x Earthrise Hotel => 2x Earthrise Hotel, 1x Symmetrical Visage 1x Silencer, 1x Dagger => 2x Clone Chip 2x Plascrete Carapace => 1x Plascrete Carapace, 1x Net Ready Eyes

The deck performs well in general, but seems to have problems in consistency department. It heavily relies on landing Siphons and there are only two of them for the obvious reason. If I manage to get at least one through, it's often GG. But if I don't, then setting up the board can be a nightmare due to slow economy.

Also, Net-Ready Eyes tends to be a nice addition in decks like this one. It's overall a good card and can save stealth cash when breaking 6 strength ICE.

7 Feb 2016 koniu

Ah, sorry - Silencer requires 3 inf, not 2. So yeah, adding the third Clone Chip would not require dropping HQ Interface. Still, I would go with 3xSMC, 2XCC.

29 Feb 2016 Klopstock

I like the deck, but one thing catches my eye: isn't the single copy of Corroder (without any recursion) a liability? What if you hit Sagittarius or Marcus?

29 Feb 2016 Klopstock

Sorry, just read the last comments, so I didn't see you are already planning to include Clone Chip. But I still think it would be necessary in this deck, since with aforementioned cards, the Corp doesn't even need mistakes from you to trash your programs.

1 Mar 2016 magikot

Yeah, the lack of recursion really hurts. I'm testing a version 2 of the deck at the moment that includes 2 clone chips.

17 Mar 2016 skydivingninja

I've been trying to find a new deck to play for store champs this weekend after my last runner deck crapped the bed at the last one. Won the first game on with this. Good enough for me! Might add clone chips because I need crutch cards. :P

19 Mar 2016 Oneiro

I play a similar build and find tour guide in gargarin asset spam decks to be a serious issue. Thats why I included a one of switchblade, net ready eyes (archer, archangel etc.) and two testruns to have at least some recursion and some more tutoring. I tend to have some bad luck drawing my siphons, though. I had a lot of games where both where in the last ten cards. Two cards that helped the deck alot though are singletons of film critic and artist colony.