This R+ Deck Beat Sokka (9th at Worlds 2022)

Quacktapus 287

With Rezeki and PAD Tap banned for Worlds 2022, my favorite archetype was viable again: NBN You-Must-Be-This-Rich-To-Play.


The Deck

I started by taking RepoRogue's R+ Boom Rush and just replacing Archived Memories with another Hard-Hitting News. But without ArchMem, the Drago Ivanov-into-BOOM! plan felt way too fragile. I started winning more games by just jamming behind Funhouse and Endless EULA, which together represent a 12-credit swing and a tax of two clicks if your opponent clears the tags the old-fashioned way, giving you the perfect window to HHN. They're even taxing against the boat! It felt amazing to find ICE that mattered.

The deck had two problems: it needed more money to rez all this expensive no-facecheck ICE, and it needed more things to jam in the remote to force the runner to check the remote. Slowly, reluctantly, I cut more and more copies of the best Corp card in years for a card everyone forgot about after System Gateway, and everything clicked. Runners have to respect Drago anyway—why not get something when they inevitably bust through your remote?

This deck isn't about Drago. Drago's basically just a tech card for Citadel Sanctuary. Instead, you want to never-advance or single-advance a card behind taxing ICE every turn while holding up Seamless Launch so you force your opponent to play "what's in Server 1" as many times as possible. Simple, fair Netrunner.

Other changes:

Some Games

In Round 4 of Swiss, Sokka was reading me like a book. I had Seamless Launch in hand and wasn't sure whether to bluff again with an NGO Front or to install the last Bellona and bluff it as an NGO the next turn, so I shuffled them both without looking at them and put one into the scoring server. When Sokka played Pinhole Threading, I didn't know whether or not I had just lost until I flipped the card and saw it was NGO. Just another one of the countless coin flips that landed in my favor that match.

In the first round of the cut I was scared to run against skry's Trieste Aginfusion, so I chose the hard matchup I felt I understood: Reality Plus vs. Freedom. Then I mulliganed into three agendas and no ICE and skry liberated me of all my operations and Agendas. That can happen with this deck.

The next round, R+ redeemed itself by helping me bait icecoldjazz through an Endless EULA into an NGO Front. After that he was too poor to contest my server and I scored out. I never drew Market Forces, so we never learned whether that card is worth it for the Tag-Me matchup. Reality Plus's Final Score: 5-1.

Sincere Thanks and Shameless Plugs

Worlds 2022 was my first Worlds and my third in-person competitive event, so I'm absolutely gobsmacked to have placed as high as I did. A thousand thanks to Null Signal Games for putting on an amazing event, cheers to all my opponents, and congratulations to our new World Champion!

(Plug plug plug I wrote a doc about prepping for Worlds that should be helpful if you're just getting into Standard plug plug plug I'm writing an article about NSG and Worlds and you should be able to find it on TCGplayer soonish under this handsome author's byline.)

11 Oct 2022 neuropantser

Congrats again on the finish! That R+ game against Sokka was incredible to watch from the comms booth -- you bluffed us out with the NGO too.

12 Oct 2022 RepoRogue

Congrats on the excellent finish! I'm really pleased to see someone was able to make a viable post-banlist version of this deck. My own attempts were far less successful. Due to lack of testing, I hadn't realized fully how much the lose of AM destroyed the deck. I'd love to chat some time about your thought processes in refining and pivoting the deck!

14 Oct 2022 Quacktapus

Thanks neuropantser and RepoRogue! Rogue, I'm sorry I don't have many more insights than that NGO gets better in NBN when every advanced card could be a Drago. Pants's and Andre's commentary makes me think this deck should include more Drago too.

Sam S fit in both Drago and NGO by completely cutting Rashida Jaheem, which I never would have considered, but it clearly worked! I think -2 Rashida +2 Drago might be worth a shot. As you found though, it's really hard to hold onto BOOM!, and other tag punishment cards take up more slots because you need to deploy more of them to end the game. It's tough. Hopefully we get more punishment options in Parhelion.