BLM 12th: Recoco At Home (5-1)

YsengrinSC 393

Combo At Home

This deck went 5-1, and placed 12. Only loss on the day was round 1 when I completely forgot that my opponent had trashed Cybernetics Court and then I overdrew all my agendas with Fully Operational. This deck is very fast. I think only one game went to turn 11, and two of them ended by turn 8.

I loved Pinsel's Combo Asa from worlds, and wanted to figure out if I could keep playing it after it took me to top 8 at the PAXU tournament. For PAXU I thought RLC was a better slot than Hedge Fund, and might be the piece the deck still needed to live. Additionally Project Vacheron gave the deck some influence to play with because in many cases it was stronger than Global Food Initiative.

This deck ends up running 3 "at home" versions of of the Combo deck. Executive Boot Camp is substituted with Tech Startup which does install faster than EBC. Losing Architect for the very At Home Drafter did hurt, though it did fire twice on the day, which allowed me to put Fully Operational back up. Finally, the most devastating At Home swap was Efficiency Committee being turned into Cyberdex Sandbox. Basically losing Eff Com killed my combo ability, so I needed to find something else. I tested Corporate Sales Team, but often it didn't actually trigger that much before the game ended. So I figured because Turtle would be prevalent, slotting Cyberdex would allow me to run a tempo neutral agenda that would shore up one of the trickier matchups.

Because you cannot combo out 5 points you do have to score some things behind remotes. Fortunately you have a good amount of gear check Ice and draw, so it was not too hard to force that early. Inside Job & Boomerang are cards you need to keep in mind, but. a 2-ice tower is usually enough on turn 3-4. Getting 2+ Vitruvius counters is ideal, and allows a lot of score patterns. RLC is 1 cost Biotic Labor for this deck, though finding a slot for biotic (probably Cyberdex Virus Suite) would probably make the deck a bit more robust.

8 Jul 2020 BlackCherries

This deck feels very poor.

What do you look for in an opening hand generally?

8 Jul 2020 YsengrinSC

This deck runs very poor. Over the six games, this deck averaged 37 credits gained, with a low of 23 (win), and high of 49 (win). You have to be very judicious with rezzes. Even though all of your ice (except Drafter) has EtR on it, you don't rez it just to bounce. You generally want the other values of the sub if you're going to rez the ice (or you're scoring out behind the EtR).

The goal should really be to win on turn 8-9 with this deck, with only 1-2 pieces of ice rezzed. Obviously that's probably not going to happen- but the scoring combo in this deck is very cheap. Scoring Vacheron from hand costs 4 credits, and Cyberdex Sandbox is credit neutral. You could try Corporate Sales Team, but I generally found it gave me the money too late (and is worse for Pad Tap).

As for your actual question: Rashida + 1 ice is good for an opening, as is a Violet Level Clearance. Most of the time if your hand has less than 2 agendas in it, you can pilot is somewhat easily.

If you want to try to open up slots for Hedge Funds, CVS, Tech Startup, and 1x Cybernetics Court could be cuts (though those conflict with the Biotic cuts).