[Startup] (P)Urgent PD 10th @Worlds2022

pouchsurfer 212

Going into worlds I was worried about control Lat being everywhere and especially at the high tables. I had no intention to play GameNET (one of the few corps with a decent matchup against Lat) and go to time every round. I felt comfortable playing PD, but with a little testing I knew even NAC PD would struggle to keep Lat out. So I tried to brew an even faster PD list with a good matchup into Hoshiko, which I assumed would be the second most popular runner.

I cut all Vacherons to play agendas I can score out of hand when on 6 points: 2xÉlivágar and 2xVitruvius to score with Biotic. To make money fast and clicklessly, I decided to go all on scoring Sandbox early and jamming Mavirus as soon as I drew it.

The ice suite is mostly cheap gear-checks to jam agendas behind early: Sandstone gets stronger when purging often, Wraparound is cheap but should have been an Ice Wall, Magnet is great, should be 3x). Ansel 1.0 and Tyr are there to fight back against Lat's late game control plan and to bluff weird Ganked! shenanigans. Never installed Tyr, but I would have had the money to rez it in more than one occasion, thanks to Sandbox and Mavirus.

The deck is alright. Really fast, but looses agendas out of centrals like it's Christmas day. The matchup into Sable is an especially tough one.