Stole the Boat. Kept the Cat.

famebyproxy 110

Or: “Drive It Like You Stole It”

Because we all want to pay for Endurance with Credit Kiting, and I was brave enough to try.

You got...

2 Aug 2022 Jargonaut89

Beginner question here, but how can DJ Fenris host Steve Cambridge if he shares the same faction as Ken? They're both Crims right?

2 Aug 2022 famebyproxy

@Jargonaut89 you’re 100% right. I mostly threw in DJ as a joke (TBH the whole deck idea is silly) because I had 1 extra influence.

Some actually good options might be Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter or Quetzal: Free Spirit

2 Aug 2022 Jargonaut89

Thanks for those recommendations. The inclusion of DJ is interesting enough as it is!

2 Aug 2022 famebyproxy

NP! I updated the write up to include a legal option.