Zero clicks given (eternal)

wowarlok 346

Shoutout to Silent Arbiter for coming up with the concept for the deck as well as helping developing the list.

Have you ever wanted to play a chill game of netrunner, but those pesky runner keep harrassing you and stealing your agendas?

Have you ever wanted to experience the android settings in a single player game, but never found one that supported this fantasy?

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to say "I win" while staring at a hand of 28 cards without having a single one installed?

If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions there's a good chance this is the deck for you!

How does the deck work?

This is a combo deck that aims at creating a baordstate where the runner will never be able to take a click again. Because of how silly this sounds the combo requires A LOT of cards and the only sensible way to do it is to install and play all of them in the same turn


The early turns are somewhat straight forward:


The deck plays many cards that can make the combo turn smoother, so you need to evaluate whether you can go off or not every turn. The requirements for the combo are:


As stated before, the combo turn can look wildly different depending on how many assets are already installed and how many extra click we can muster from HQ. I'll go explain how the turn would look like in the most common and less advantageous setup: we have all the cards mentioned in the setup section, but Victoria and 1 clone suffrage movement are in archive.

  1. Play Shipment from MirrorMorph and install Jeeves Model Bioroids, MCA Austerity Policy and Clone Suffrage Movement (2 clicks left)
  2. Rez Jeeves
  3. Play Subliminal Messaging (2 clicks left)
  4. Play Biotic Labor (3 clicks left)
  5. Play Load Testing (2 clicks left) (3 clicks left for the runner)
  6. Trigger Jeeves (3 clicks left)
  7. Click MCA (2 clicks left) (2 clicks left for the runner)
  8. Play Load testing #2 (1 clicks left) (1 clicks left for the runner)
  9. Play Friends in High Places installing the second CSM and Victoria Jenkins (0 clicks left) (0 clicks left for the runner)


The endgame loop is as repetitive and boring as it is inevitable: Get the load testings and the subliminal back using CSM and the natural inability of the runner to make a run without clicks. Play them all triggering Jeeves and use one of the remaining two clicks for MCA. In the end you're left with 1 more click to install and advance agendas untill you have enough points to pop MCA and score out.


What are the strenghts of the deck?

This list makes it hard for the runnned to find enough points to win the game, between the 64 cards and Cerebral Imaging natural ability to hide agendas in HQ. The deck also relies on a lot of operation that are hard to disrupt and win with a combo that doesn't kill, making common anti-combo tech less usefull.

What are the weaknesses of the deck?

The deck can be slow and doesn't interact much with the opponent. It plays only 10 ice and needs them badly in its worst matchups, even with all the draws in the deck, it can be hard to slow down the runner enough. The deck also crumbles against a lot of different things: HQ disruption like Clan Vengeance, disruptive currents such as Hacktivist Meeting or Rumor Mill, extra clicks (Hyperdriver comes to mind). In addition to all of this the deck also suffers from being challenged economically with cards like Account Siphon.

Is the deck good?

No, probably not. I'm pretty sure it's not even close to how good CI can be, but it's really funny to pull the combo off and it's just the right level of jankyness and unfairness where this can work in eternal.

25 Jun 2023 anarchomushroom

i desperately, desperately, want this to get DOTW

26 Jun 2023 wowarlok

@anarchomushroomone can only hope

27 Jun 2023 Silent Arbiter

We hope so!!

1 Jul 2023 McIver

Now that's the kind of deck I like to see!