Punitive Glacier (1st Place Richmond, VA Store Championship)

Fry 42

(The runner counterpart to this deck is here)

This deck was undefeated on the day (5-0 in Swiss, 2-0 in double elim) in a field of 21 players, mostly winning by flatline, but it did score out twice. The basic gameplan is to turtle up in centrals until assembling 2x Punitive Counterstrike or Punitive + Archived Memories, then allow the runner to start getting accesses for a modest fee. Eventually they find an agenda, and you splat them.

Sometimes the Punitive plan doesn't work: the runner scores too much before your Punitives are ready, they have Plascrete Carapace, Punitive #1 hits I've Had Worse (though not if the score was Government Takeover, haha), or the runner hits Punitive #2 from your hand with Utopia Shard (this happened during double elim). In this case, you have to go to plan B: scoring in a remote server. That's the main purpose for Adonis Campaign, Aggressive Secretary, and the upgrades. It's tough to keep a determined runner out, and it's dead obvious when you're moving to score a 5/3 or 9/6, so you really have to build up a powerful server. Off the Grid is either a poor man's Caprice Nisei or a deterministic Caprice Nisei, depending on your point of view. Since there are two Crisium Grids in here anyway as Eater hate, Off the Grid is actually pretty reasonable: forcing the runner to crack your Curtain Wall on HQ twice and trash Crisium before they can even start on your remote tower is a pretty tall order!

Archived Memories is an all-star in this deck. It helps you assemble double Punitive very early in the game, it can function as an economy operation (Archived -> Oversight AI -> Curtain Wall is still a very efficient clicks to credits conversion), and it recurs Caprice and Off the Grid when it's time to score out. This deck actually started life as a Blueshin No Grid deck (3x Mushin No Shin and 3x Archived Memories) but I didn't like how dependent that deck was on drawing Mushin at the right time. I was very impressed by how well Archived Memories held the deck together though, which is why pieces of that deck are still present.

Sometimes things don't come together as you'd like, but you can still pull things out. In the grand finals of the tournament, I got a very weird draw: I had to start with Wormholes on R&D and HQ and use Oversight on one of those because they were the only ice I could find other than Ice Wall (Oversight -> Wormhole is still a better double than Celebrity Gift!). The enemy MaxX was being very conservative and stockpiled money with burst econ backed by Kati Jones since I had flatlined that player during the Swiss. I installed Jackson Howard behind an Ice Wall and started drawing, quickly finding Government Takeover and all three Punitives. I left GT in Archives, but the runner didn't bite. After he got his Corroder out, he went for Jackson, and I let him pay to trash because I had drawn a second. I played the second Jackson and kept drawing, and when he ran this one I activated it to shuffle in the first Jackson and the GT. I still hadn't found much in the way of ice, but I did draw into Executive Boot Camp and another Jackson, so I let the runner pay to trash those from the remote as well. I found another Oversight AI, so in the interest of continuing to money up while I had nothing better to do, I oversighted the Wormhole on R&D again, when the runner made his move. He dropped a Clone Chip to pick up a D4v1d that had been trashed by MaxX's identity, as well as an Imp from the grip. He ran R&D, using a single D4v1d counter to trash my Wormhole, and proceeded to access...Government Takeover? RUH ROH. He had already seen that I had a Punitive Counterstrike in HQ, and with one click remaining he couldn't get ahead of me on money. After much deliberation he decided to run HQ and hope to hit either the Punitive or perhaps an agenda. He let out a huge sigh of relief when he did manage to Imp a Punitive...unfortunately for him, the rest of my hand contained two more Punitives (and no agendas). FOOMP.

Flex spots: the assets (other than Jackson, obviously) and the upgrades can all be rearranged to taste, and I didn't find Errand Boy to work out as well as I had hoped. That should probably change back to Caduceus, but you can rearrange the rest of those slots as you like to suit your tastes/metagame. If Valencia Estevez is a problem, put in Elizabeth Mills and another Executive Boot Camp or two to disable the bad publicity. I played some versions with 1x Komainu which no one expects and can really ruin a runner's plans if they facecheck it early, or sometimes you can outright flatline the runner with a well-timed Shinobi. I wouldn't fault you for leaning on The Root to money up for the glacier plan, though it always felt clunky to me (fun trick: if the runner doesn't let you use your Root credits in a turn, use them to rez Crisium Grid then reinstall the Crisium).

22 Feb 2015 JessiRay

Hey there! Great deck. I am a Richmonder, what store was this at? Dragon's Den or Jaques, or somewhere else? I've been looking for some places to play near by. :)

23 Feb 2015 Fry

This event was 2/21/15 at One-Eyed Jacques.

23 Feb 2015 DarlingSensei

Congrats on the win! I run a similar Government Takeover and Off the Grid style deck that uses Mushin No Shin to facilitate the Off the Grid Plan. Any thoughts on such an approach? I also struggle to evaluate Orion. It works very well with Oversight AI, but suffers to cutlery and stealth. How would you compare it to Hadrian's Wall? Finally, I sometimes find one Caprice Nisei inconsistent and influence heavy. What has been your experience?

23 Feb 2015 Fry

@DarlingSensei I discussed Mushin a bit in the paragraph about Archived Memories - I felt like the deck didn't work if it didn't draw Mushin quickly enough, as it takes at least three turns to score with Off the Grid if you don't get to cheat extra advancements with Mushin, and the list I was working from (and most of the other lists I've browsed for the archetype) are low enough on ice that you can't realistically make a remote agenda play.

Orion is mostly a fourth copy of Curtain Wall for the Oversight combo, while also not being terrible on the inside of a server. I haven't noticed the silverware being an issue with it - if the runner has to get through the Curtain Wall first and THEN trashes Orion, I'm probably ok with that as it's a huge pile of credits they had to spend. I haven't played much against stealth, but if the problem is Switchblade then they need three stealth credits to break it (and another two for the Nebula you hopefully have stacked with it), and if the problem is Refractor then they need two stealth credits to break it (and another two for the Wormhole you hopefully have stacked with it). A more common problem is to face off against Gordian Blade, in which case you don't want to stack it with Wormholes. In the end, it's just one card in the deck, so if the situation looks bad for it, don't rely on it for your endgame. :)

Hadrian's Wall is unexciting. Usually I'd rather have another Wormhole or Nebula (note that I'm not running Asteroid Belt either). I'm already stacked pretty heavy on barriers, I don't want to have even more, and the stats on Hadrian's/Asteroid are unexciting.

Yes, the one Caprice can be inconsistent in the sense that if you're counting on her and you lose the psi game, it feels bad, and yes, she is expensive on the influence. She's in this build because I had four influence left and she can be very helpful when I need to go for an agenda win. As I mentioned above, the upgrades are all flex slots that you can change to suit your tastes/metagame.