RvdH's No Code of Ethics (14th at Euros, 3rd in swiss)

RvdH83 686

This is the Jemison deck that brought me to the 3rd place in swiss and 14th overall at Euros 2018 with this MaxX list. It is based on Saan's Guns and Bombs list.

At Friday morning when writing decklists I had still no clue what to play. I brought CtM, TheBigBoy’s Azmari Rush, and this Jemison deck with me. I played Titan for a while, but I felt that was too all-or-nothing, so I didn’t bring it. Eventually I started filling out this Jemison list. After writing down the names of a few cards I reconsidered and almost switched to Azmari. Glad I didn’t. I guess the other Dutch players convincing me to play Jemison helped at that. Thank you guys! It was an awesome weekend!

The deck has various outs and win conditions and is therefore quite flexible. Main gist of the deck is to score an Armed Intimidation and then 24/7 News Cycle into BOOM! or Neural EMP. It can also win by Hard-Hitting News into BOOM! while forfeiting a False Lead. Or make the runner run into a Junebug.


It can also score out if people are unable or unwilling to trash a rezzed Oberth Protocol.

All ice costs 4 or less, so you can almost always rez ice. The deck makes easy money by scoring Hostiles and Standoffs, so you can often money up quite quickly. And if you get an Atlas counter or two the runner is often done for. The deck is generally fast and has many lines of play.

I had great fun playing this deck and opponents were generally surprised when they saw Jemison. Several opponents had to read the ID.

  • Round 1 (2-0): win against Bastion from my own meta on Smoke. I smoked him with HHN into BOOM!.
  • Round 2 (4-0): win against another Smoke by HHN into BOOM!.
  • Round 3 (5-1): loss against Apocalypse Val.
  • Round 4 (6-2): win against TugtetguT by making him run a Project Junebug with 6 counters. I got a bit lucky here that he couldn't find a Self-modifying Code or Artist Colony for a Clot. We practiced a game on Thursday and his Hayley deck then obliterated mine.
  • Round 5 (8-2): win against by Valencia by scoring out. 3 Paperclips were apparently not enough to find them before I went to 7 points.
  • Round 6 (9-3): ID
  • Round 7 (11-3): win against Highwire's Valencia by HHN into BOOM!.
  • Round 8 (12-4): ID
  • Loss against ff0x's Knobkierie Smoke in top 16 on stream. I couldn't find 24/7 News Cycle for the kill, which was unfortunate since I had a BOOM! in my opening hand. Remembering that False Lead is a thing would also have been nice.

Usually the threat of 24/7 into Armed Intimidation is enough to make the runner run more than they should. And that's where most HHN into BOOM! plays come from.

I still wish I could also include an Archived Memories. If both BOOM!s and all Oberths are gone, it's usually tough to win.

P.S. When writing this description I suddenly realized the deck only uses 14 influence :S Oops. A second Junebug would probably be great. Either -1 NGO Front or -1 IPO. The Junebug can usually defend an unrezzed Oberth Protocol.

5 Jun 2018 Jakuza

Needs more Junebug.

5 Jun 2018 Saan

I know I already said this on Slack, but I'm so happy you liked the list enough to play it at Euros, and I'm psyched it did so well. The couple changes you made seem fairly reasonable, and although I really do like the Exchange, Junebug kills are awesome too. Whatever wins games =D

5 Jun 2018 Severijn

Congratulations! I saw that you were the lone Jemison in the tournament. Good to see you performing this well with Jemison. Too bad you didn't get a kill through 24/7.

When I play Jemison, I will include a couple of additional non-ice sources to forfeit agendas with, like Corporate Town or Ibrahim Salem rather than running archived memories.

How did the Thitonium perform?

I usually find that the runner is richer than me by a lot when playing Jemison. Could you comment on how you managed to HHN them after all?

5 Jun 2018 RvdH83

I wasn't the only Jemison player. I think there were 3-4.

I like the Tithonium, although I don't think it hit any breakers during the tournament. I may have killed a Net Mercur with it; can't remember. In a practice game it killed a MOpus, so that was pretty great. It's a taxing piece of ice that you can rez for 0 credits. So pretty good.

If you go fast enough, the runner has to run. Either they have to trash your rezzed Oberth or you have a Armed Intimidation scored and it's a matter of time before you kill them.

In at least two games where I played HHN, I had a False Lead scored. Maybe even in all three games.

5 Jun 2018 Saan

I saw Tithonium do a lot of work in the Blue Sun game on stream when he was playing against a Smoke player, because all the Smokes were on Blackstone, which costs 3 to boost and 3 to break, which is really bad for such a credit-light deck. Besides, rezzing it for the cost of a Standoff is still good value even vs Paperclip.

5 Jun 2018 Severijn

Oh, I thought I saw just the one in the breakdown graph that I saw on the tournament.

I rely on my forfeits to score out agendas, and Tithonium usually taxes but does not stop the runner because of bad publicity and paperclip, while Archer is far more frequently a brick wall. If the field is not on paperclip, I can see that it would be a far better inclusion. Because I like to just score agendas from hand, I am wary of forfeiting agendas on ice, too. Still, I can imagine that it is really nice against smoke, since that is where Archer is just going to get switchbladed.

I can see that HHN does a lot of lifting when you force the runner to run on you rather than build up their money reserve. I'm not sure why it doesn't go that way when I play it. I know that I often find myself digging for agendas, and I have gone so far as to start playing Anonymous Tip to compensate. Maybe I have just been drawing poorly?

5 Jun 2018 RvdH83

I also played a pod on the Sunday and I lost twice due to agenda flood. I don't think it's hard to get agendas. Getting the right ones is hard, though.

5 Jun 2018 spags

R&M GIF + Jemi in cut at Euros = :ok_hand:

6 Jun 2018 Saintis

Have you look at any Kampala Ascendent cards for this deck? Would Surveyor or False Flag fit?

6 Jun 2018 RvdH83

I don't think this is the deck for Surveyor. Surveyor needs a 3+ ice server to be effective in the long run. I think it fits well in NBN glacier and any Jinja City Grid deck.

In this Jemison build you need ice that punishes on face checks. Surveyor is only trace 2 by itself. Archer is way better here. It's cheaper to rez and it ends the run hard. I'd rather go +1 Tithonium.

False Flag could be OK. Typical situation would be: install False Flag, advance, advance. If you have a scored False Lead you can always give it 4 counters with the runner only having 1 click to clear 2 tags. If they haven't run the remote by click 2, pop the False Lead to add 2 counters, so you can immediately score it out.

7 Jun 2018 TugtetguT

Very cool deck and very well piloted! Dying to Junebug was definitely not one of the things I expected this year :D

7 Jun 2018 RvdH83

Thanks! It is definitely a fun deck to play. A Junebug is actually a great way of protecting an Oberth. Whether you run or not, either way is fine.

I really liked your runner deck! Very refreshing to see Aesop's as unicorn. Together with Smokierie it was the most original runner I saw all weekend.

Your 4th place was well deserved. You rarely miss a trigger or line of play. Well done!

7 Jun 2018 Cliquil

Jemison to Jemison player, your deck is an excellent example of the power of the ID. Very well played.

30 Jun 2018 scd

Any advice on changes to this in a heavy Clan Vengeance meta? I wanna play this, but with no recursion it seems hard to pull off now.

20 Jul 2018 I_AM_G:\ROOT

I’m with scd here. Love the look of the deck, but curious to know how you handle CV.

24 Jul 2018 OrionJA

This looks like a ton of fun. I'm curious about how the Armed Intimidation ->24/7 combo works out in practice. How do you get runners to drop below 4 cards in hand?

Also, random thought: What about replacing the Junebug with Gene Splicer? It can still flatline a runner if you have a big agenda to forfeit, but if they don't take the bait it becomes more fuel.