🚫 Standard Ban List 🚫 = 💰 Startup Shopping List PD

skry 1207

🚫 Standard Ban List 🚫 = 💰 Startup Shopping List PD 💰 [1st out of 18 at NYC Startup CO]

PD doesn't gain too much in MS, but the core of the deck was obviously already strong, you pick up some small things like Mavirus which is Archives poison against all the new run-based econ runners and some light hate for the virus-based Hoshiko decks which had been very strong in the prior Startup environment.

The main thing you gain is that you aren't beholden to the Standard Ban List. This list is playing Cyberdex Sandbox, Project Vacheron, and Engram Flush. The first two are just straight value, Engram Flush is intended as tech for the Deep Dive crim matchups alongside the Crisium Grid, but it's a versatile tech card and was highly impactful in the finals sniping breakers out of @internet's hand who wasn't expecting to see it out of faction.

As I also mentioned in my runner writeup, my opinion is that this Startup meta is looking very good so far, we get a lot more proactive wincons on the corp side, and a lot more centrals pressure on the runner side, both of which punish grindy, prison strategies by letting people close games. The cut at this event featured every runner faction and every corp faction except Jinteki.

It was great to get to see the NYC Netrunner crew again, and I was so happy to see how the community continues to grow. Thanks to @kysra for running a fantastic event and to @Ysengrin for developing the single-sided swiss format so I could meet so many folks over the course of a single event.