Spooky Saraswati (2-2 @ ATX CO)

Friendtrain 100

I brought this deck to my first standard tournament. I love shell games, and I am still learning the cards, so I had no intention of winning any games. I wanted to have a fun time with janky shenanigans and have a send off for ol' Kakugo.

This deck started from Nightmare Saraswati, but I made a few updates that are more inline with my play style:

  1. I hate Celebrity Gift and I don't understand how you'd get value with it since draw is tough to come by in these trap decks. Hansei Review seemed much more consistent.
  2. Because of this draw trouble, I added a Rashida and found she rarely got trashed, even unprotected.
  3. I kept finding Jumons in the Runner's score area - maybe I'm just not brave enough to over advance traps.

In 2 of the games, the runners were seasoned pros, and despite scoring out a couple agendas in each, I had no real chance against them because they sniffed out my traps. 1 game was against a new player, and, after eating 3 core damage to Cerebral, Ronin finished the job - this is a near impossible deck to play against if you don't know the traps. The other game was down to the wire, and I got to put the runner into an impossible situation that led to them dying to an Urtica.

Ultimately, choosing to play wildly off meta in this tournament turned out great. Extremely happy with a 5th place finish, and looking forward to bringing more janky brews to future tournaments.