oops andy: 1st place Cleveland Regional @ Recess

josh01 1696

it was supposed to have 3 employee strikes instead of this daily casts. in the grand finals i couldn't figure out where the third one was, which is when i discovered it was not in my deck


31 Jul 2017 clercqie

Interesting and (of course) solid looking list. Congrats on the strong finish!

Couple of questions, if I may:

  • Why pick Andy over Whizz at the moment? As you've been somewhat critical of the choice of others for Andy in past Regionals, stating that you feel Whizz is better. What changed?

  • Do you still have much need for Kati, even with Bloo Moose out?

  • Having a 2nd Legwork is quite critical in the Moons matchup, I've felt. How do you like / estimate that matchup?

  • Did you play against CI? Is the lack of an AI breaker problematic there?


31 Jul 2017 josh01

whizz might be better, i just started beating everything with andy since bloo moose, so i brought it.

no, kati is pretty terrible, i'm pretty sure i will remove her

i don't rely on legwork against moons, i just try to land somewhere between mediuming and trashing all their stuff

i played two CIs back-to-back in elim, but they weren't penguins with mythic ice, they were the stupid anonymous tip/draw your entire deck version, so it doesn't really answer your question. could just play a vamadeva if you think people will penguins

31 Jul 2017 pygreg

Inversificator over Gordian -- did it end up being worth it? Which situations was it more helpful for?

31 Jul 2017 JakeHelms

Like, Fav, Comment.

31 Jul 2017 crushedguava

what's the play against Aginfusion? 1) don't run early (instead accumulate money) till they inst adv in a remote? or 2) run early anyway?

15 Aug 2017 CactusJack

@josh01Your deck got me my first GNK tournament win, thanks! I kept the Daily Cast in and added the 3rd Employee Strike. I lost only 1 game to an unexpected Snare! in HQ.